Two CSGO Majors per year for 2022-23 will also feature one RMR event per region on LAN. Its great to see CSGO return to normalcy.

Valve has opened up the bidding process for CS:GO Majors for 2022 and 2023 as per the latest report by Tournament organizers have until the end of June to submit their proposals for the 2022 Majors and RMR competitions.

The Counter-Strike Global Offensive esports calendar has been affected by the global pandemic. Valve had to cancel the ESL One Rio Major last year due to global travel restrictions. This year, the PGL Stockholm Major is the only CS:GO Major of the year and will feature a $2 million prize pool. However, Valve hopes to return to the normal schedule starting 2022 with two Majors per year. There will also be a single Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament per region before each event.

When will the CS:GO Majors take place in 2022 and 2023?

By SteelSeries - 311A7370, CC BY 2.0,
By SteelSeries - 311A7370, CC BY 2.0,

The StarLadder Berlin CS:GO Major was the last CS:GO Major and took place in August 2019. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the ESL One Rio Major first being postponed to November and later canceled. Valve announced the PGL Stockholm Major as the only Major for 2021 with an increased prize pool and a different qualification format.

Valve has targeted weeks 19 and 20 (late May) for the first Major and weeks 44 and 45 (early November) for the second one. The developer said that these events should be held in a "time zone convenient for a significant proportion of CS:GO customers", calling on tournament organisers to consider the scene's "two prime times" (16:00 CET and 21:00 CET) when preparing their bids.

Regional Major Ranking events will continue for future CS:GO Majors. However, Valve has said there will be only RMR event per Major that will allow teams to qualify for the CS:GO Major. Each of the five regions will feature an RMR event on LAN. Valve will provide support for the prize pool, travel and accommodation for these events.

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