Gambit manged a stellar comeback against the international mousesports. While it might have gone to a third map, Gambit still came out looking fierce.

Gambit have now officially debuted their championship roster at IEM Cologne and had quite the scare against the fiery mousesports line-up. Inferno was a back-and-forth affair with jitters and hesitations from both sides of the competition.

Inferno's rocky road

The stars of Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov and Sergey “Ax1le” Rykhtorov were certainly feeling the heat of the spotlight shine down upon them and mousesports struck blood first. Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras had deadly entries and stupendous multi-kills to secure their first map and it really looked like the international roster had the pieces to knock the CIS titans off their perch.

Gambit go comfort and take Mousesports for a rough ride

Vertigo and Gambit had other plans. The home of the Gambit squad remained their comfort pick and slapped around mousesports out of any hopes for a clean sweep. With clutches and an ace, Hobbit was on form heading into Mirage. The decider would truly push both squads and only one team could handle the pressure of IEM Cologne.

Ax1le and Interz heaved their squad back into the early proceedings of Mirage with two 1v3 clutches. But David “frozen” Cernansky put a quick end to the potential snowball building and ended his defensive half with a stupendous 20 kills. As the result the team were in pole position to close out a huge upset in the opening stages of IEM Cologne. Nevertheless, Gambit was still the number one team in the world and their CT side proved exactly why.

Mousesports T-side failed to earn a single round. The Russians completely turned up the heat and stunned the international roster after a potential series upset was quickly snatched away by Gambit. Albeit some hiccups in their debut, the CIS squad marches forward to the next upper bracket round.

Courtesy of Gambit
Courtesy of Gambit

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