Gambit defeated Na’Vi 2-0 to win the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. the team has secured itself an invite to the BLAST Premier Global Finals in December.

The BLAST Premier Spring Finals was a CIS derby with Na’Vi and Gambit playing agianst each other. This was a rematch, Gambit having won the previous upper bracket finals match.

Na’Vi had just come off a close series against G2 esports. The team ended with a victory on Nuke after a fantastic 1v4 clutch by s1mple. But Gambit removed Nuke. It's a map they don’t play and after that amazing clutch by s1mple, it only made sense to veto it out.

Perfecto isn’t perfect as Gambit win Dust 2

For all the talk about momentum being on Na’Vi’s side, Gambit had different plans. The players were fresh and they sped up to a 8-2 score. Na’Vi won a few rounds after that, but the first half was firmly in favor of Gambit. 

Now Dust 2 is not really always a T-sided map, but Na’Vi and s1mple showed why they are a team to be feared on the T-side. From the AWP damage from T-spawn to the methodical Na’Vi that lets the round go till the last few seconds.

But the first half lead was just too much for Na’Vi as GAmbit inched closer to the magical 16. Gambit eventually won Dust 2 with a 16-12 score, a much-more competitive game considering the strong start for Gambit. 

Sh1ro shines for Gambit on Mirage

After winning Na’Vi’s map pick, Gambit were now playing on their home turf of Mirage. It is a map that the team is extremely comfortable with and they are constantly innovating with new strategies and drafts. 

Na’Vi won the pistol round and that was the saving grace for the team. Gambit marched on to six consecutive round wins, building a commanding lead over Na’Vi. S1mple and co. managed to pull back a few rounds and finished the first half with a 8-7 score. But on the CT side, Gambit’s coordination and movement across the map was once again on full display. Sh1ro and nafany were walls on the map and it seemed Na’Vi was constantly headbutting into them. Gambit won Mirage with a 16-11 score and secured the series 2-0.

Sh1ro finished Mirage with 26 kills while Ax1le was not far behind. Despite their 16-11 loss, Na’Vi’s S1mple actually dealt the most damage in the map. 

Gambit win BLAST Premier Spring Finals

With this victory, Gambit has secured itself the best team name, once again. The team also wins $225,000 and 4000 BLAST Premier points. As the champion of the tournament, Gambit has now secured an invite to the BLAST Premier Global Finals later this year. Gambit joins Heroic in the $1,000,000 tournament that will take place from December 14-19, 2021. 

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Featured image: Gambit.

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