G2 now awaits the results of the NAVI vs Gambit. NiKo and hunter- are in a scary dominant form at this Major. Can they help G2 win the Grand Finals?

The stage was set for the semifinals between Heroic and G2. On one hand was a team that has faced community hatred for their ex-coach’s decisions. On the other hand, is a player who closely missed out on winning the Major at Boston. No matter which team won, G2 esports or Heroic, it was a redemption arc storyline at the PGL Major.

Semifinals Map Veto:

  1. Heroic removed Dust2.
  2. G2 removed Overpass.
  3. Heroic picked Nuke.
  4. G2 picked Mirage.
  5. G2 removed Vertigo.
  6. Heroic removed Ancient.
  7. Inferno was left over.

Danes Tide over Dust 2

Heroic was off to a strong start on the T-side of Dust 2, commanding a 6-1 lead over G2 esports. But the latter part of the first half saw G2 bring back several rounds to end the half with a respectable 8-7 score. 

NiKo was on point in Map 1, ending with a 1.55 rating and 25 kills. In contrast, the second-best player on his team was his cousin, hunter- with 19 kills. Despite their best efforts, Heroic were simply ahead in skill and strategy on the CT side. 

G2 managed to squeeze in a few rounds here and there, but they could not break the Heroic economy. Heroic won Dust 2 with a 16-12 score, and were now one map away from securing a Grand Finals slot at the PGL Major.

Map 2: Mirage

Heroic continued its dominance on to Mirage with an astounding lead once again. A 6-1 lead brought back memories from the first map. But once again, G2 brought back the map with some extraordinary individual performances.

But G2 is a top-tier and were not ready to give up just yet. Niko has been in prime form so far at the PGL Major and his performance on Mirage set up his team for success. Despite the slow start, G2 brought back the map to 8-7 half, and the map was wide open for the taking.

The momentum had shifted onto G2’s side as NiKo was clearly enjoying the crowd’s chants. His 2K on the second-pistol round set up G2 to take even more rounds in the second half. G2 continued the second half with five straight wins before Heroic won a couple. But this meant, G2 was forced into a full-eco, a round that they should not win at any cost.

And they won it. After that, it was just routine round-wins for G2 as they closed out Mirage with a 16-10 score.

“Inferno Always Delivers”

Seeing Inferno as the third map should not come as a surprise to CS: GO fans. The map has traditionally been the decider map in many a Major and in this semifinals, it was the perfect closer to this series.

The momentum from the previous map and the first half was evident in the way G2 handled the 2nd pistol round. Hunter- had a stellar performance but Heroic’s complete aggression on the CT side saw them take six rounds in a row. Whenever G2 wanted to go to a bombsite, they always had to look back, because there was a good chance that Sjuush is pushing through from the other side.

G2 won the first four rounds of the second half to take a 13-6 lead. But Heroic mounted an epic comeback winning eight rounds in a row. Ultimately the game went to overtime where G2 took the win. It was a top-tier performance by both teams and the excitement was palpable in the arena, as we head into the next match between Gambit and Natus Vincere. G2 defeated Heroic 2-1 (with a 19-15 score on the third map) to enter the Grand Finals.

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