Gambit and G2 Esports BLAST through Heroic and Spirit to qualify for the BLAST Spring Finals 2021, rounding out the 8 teams. Hobbit struck with his elven blade.

Gambit and G2 Esports BLAST through Heroic and Spirit to qualify for the BLAST Spring Finals 2021, rounding out the 8 teams.

The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown is now at its conclusion. Before the tournament ended with two winners, it was an all out brawl in the Final 4 matches.  Both series went all three games and contained multiple scenarios where G2 and Gambit could very well not qualify. Still, off the back of impressive clutch rounds and strong teamplay, the European squads can now rest easier for a little.

G2 Esports BLAST Spirits in Clutch Overtime Win

G2 Esports were nearing defeat on the third map of Nuke before a key 30th round to force an overtime. The international CS:GO lineup stood their ground in overtime as veteran experience shone.

“I’m just super happy we managed to pull it off, it has been a long time since we managed to win three games in a row.” nexa states in the post-game interview. “Usually we just get two wins and then fall in the last hurdle, but we overcame it this time and, honestly, I feel amazing and I’m so proud of everyone on the team.” nexa concludes.

G2 nexa in game. Photo via ESL.

And his excitement over the win is very fair. G2 Esports were down throughout a lot of the series. There are many scenarios where Spirit can easily win, but the international CS:GO squad kept their composure. Instead of falling in the last hurdle, they continued to run until they hit their goal.

In the end, G2 Esports take the third map in a 19-17 win over Spirit. The international CS:GO lineup are now qualified for the BLAST Premiere Spring Finals.

Gambit continue strong Train showing

Gambit Esports are continuing to assert dominance on Train after winning multiple key matches through Train play. In their game against Furia, the CIS team play a strong Counter-Terrorist Side. That strong understanding of Train helped them against Heroic in the Round of 4. In a rematch of the Season 13 ESL Pro League Finals, it is Gambit who wins again.

Still, the Heroic and Gambit matchup continues to shape itself into a strong rivalry in 2021. While Train is a Gambit centered map, Heroic are keeping Gambit favored maps in check. That being said, this win for Gambit does continue to support their strong string of Train performances. The CIS squad alongside G2 Esports will move forward into the BLAST Premier 2021 Spring Finals.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals Teams

The BLAST Premier 2021 Spring Showdown is now complete. Both G2 Esports and Gambit will compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals and will join six already qualified teams at the event.

The full roster of teams that will compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals are as follows.

The eight teams that are competing in June are all strong teams that could take the trophy home. While Gambit are the number one team in the world currently, the championship is not set. Natus Vincere will be looking to reclaim their spot at #1 while G2 are making gigantic strides ever since introducing JaCkz back into the lineup.

The BLAST Premiere Spring Showdown is now at its conclusion. With both G2 Esports and Gambit qualifying, we now have the full roster for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals set. 

It will be interesting to see if Gambit can continue their level of play in 2021. Now that all eight teams are set for the BLAST Premier 2021 Spring Finals, who is your favorite to win? Will Gambit continue to dominate 2021? Or will Natus Vincere reclaim their spot as the number one team in CS:GO? Let us know who you have as your frontrunner.

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