Heroic wins ESL Pro League Season 13 after a jaw-dropping 1v4 clutch by CadiaN cover image

Heroic wins ESL Pro League Season 13 after a jaw-dropping 1v4 clutch by CadiaN

A 1v4 clutch to win the championship. Quadruple Overtime on Train. A series that goes the distance on all five maps (including two overtimes). Are you not entertained?

The ESL Pro League Season 13 has come to and after over a month of exciting Counter-Strike. Heroic won the grand finals 2-1 against Gambit esports to take the title of the best team in CS:GO. 

Heroic wins ESL Pro League Season 13 in five maps

Heroic took down Gambit esports in three maps during the ESL Pro League Season 13 grand finals. With this victory, Heroic takes home $200,000 in prize money as well as the title of being the best CS:GO team. 

Inferno goes to overtime

The best-of-five Grand Finals started with a very competitive game on Inferno. It was Heroic’s map choice. But after a few rounds, it was all Gambit. Gambit won eight straight rounds towards the end and finished the half with an 11-4 score. The team’s dominance gave the impression that Inferno might be a rather one-sided game.

Heroic brought Inferno to overtime, a fantastic comeback considering the 4-12 score after the second pistol round. The team went on to eventually win the map in Overtime with a final score of 19-17.

It’s not safe to jump off the building said no one

Vertigo was Gambit’s map pick and it was clear why Gambit chose it as its first map pick. Heroic started on the CT side but could not put up any defense against the Gambit onslaught. With perfect executes and innovative strategies which involve jumping off the building, Gambit’s preparation on the map was top-tier. 

Heroic tried its best but the lack of depth in its strategy was evident from the get-go. The team would often try to push through certain areas of the map as a group, but it only left them vulnerable. Gambit took advantage of Heroic’s unfortunate aggression to win rounds and break the CT economy. Gambit finished the first half with a 12-3 score and closed out the map with four additional round-wins on the CT side.

It just doesn’t end: Quadruple overtime on Train

Train was the most competitive map in the entire series going to four overtimes before one of the teams secured the win. Gambit had a strong start on the CT side and managed a sizeable lead early in the game. However, the CIS squad could not convert the early lead into round wins in the second half. Heroic achieved similar results as Gambit albeit with a slightly different and more aggressive approach. Strategical positioning and timely pushes for information allowed Heroic to always keep Gambit on its toes. 

There were a lot of surprises on the map, including Glock round wins, sneaky plays and some insane clutches. There was very little separating the two teams who had to go through four overtimes before Heroic pulled through to win the map. Heroic took the lead in the series with a score of 2-1. 

A routine affair: Gambit wins Overpass

Overpass was always going to be a difficult map for Heroic. Gambit’s map choice was a strong suit for the CIS squad. Despite being a strong map for Gambit, Overpass was relatively close in the first half. However, Gambit ran away with the map in the second half.

Gambit won Overpass (16-10) and tied the series at 1-1. The ESL Pro League Season 13 had come down to the final map on Mirage.

CadiaN’s 1v4 clutch seals the deal

The series was tied 2-2 and the match had come down to the last map on Mirage. Gambit could only manage two rounds on its T-side. A 2-13 deficit is not easy to overcome and despite Gambit’s best efforts, the map and the championship were slipping away from their hands. 

Heroic’s victory was inevitable unless Gambit managed to pull off a miraculous win. But a 1v4 clutch by CadiaN sealed the deal for Heroic. Ax1le won HLTV”s MVP award for the grand finals but CadiaN had the maximum impact on Mirage. 

Heroic has now qualified for the BLAST Premier World Final after its ESL Pro League Season 13 victory.

Here are the top twelve teams at the ESL Pro League Season 13. 

  • 1. Heroic - $200,000.
  • 2. Gambit - $85,000.
  • 3-4. FURIA - $45,000.
  • 3-4. NIP - $50,000.
  • 5-6. Astralis - $35,000.
  • 5-6. Complexity - $30,000.
  • 7-8. Virtus.pro - $27,500.
  • 7-8. G2 - $27,500.
  • 9-12. Natus Vincere - $25,000.
  • 9-12. ENCE - $25,000.
  • 9-12. Liquid - $30,000.
  • 9-12. FunPlus Phoenix - $25,000.

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