Can changing your name help you reach Global Elite? Maybe not, but here’s how you change your name.

You are in a slump. You can’t hit your shots, enemies are dancing around your bullets and then one-tapping you. Something needs to change. Buying an expensive new skin looked good, but it didn’t change your rank. Maybe it’s time for a name change, maybe that will be enough to improve your score.

It’s easy to change your name in CS:GO. And you can do it as many times as you like. Your name is your personality in CS:GO, so choosing the right name might take a few tries. 

How to change name in CS:GO?

1. Steam Client

CS:GO players can change their profile name without even starting the game. Here’s how.

The Steam Client. The Friends option is open and the Edit Profile Name/Avatar option is highlighted.
Go to Friends – Edit Profile Name/Avatar.

Once you log into Steam, go to the Friends tab on the top bar. You will then see an option to ‘Edit Profile Name/Avatar’. This is where you can make the necessary change.

The image shows how to change profile name in Steam. It is the General tab after going into the 'Edit Profile Name/Avatar'
The General tab allows you to change your profile name.

CS:GO players can change their profile name in the General tab of the ‘Edit Profile Name/Avatar’ section. After changing your Profile name, scroll down and click save. Once you save your settings, the Steam client should display your new name. This is also the name that will pop up in the kill-feed in a CS: GO match.

2. How to change your name while in game?

You can also change your name while in-game. You don’t need to close the game in order to switch your profile name.

Press Shift+tab and then click on Friends and Chat in the bottom right section of your screen.
The Steam overlay.

When you are in a game, press Shift+tab to open the Steam overlay. Once you are in the Steam overlay,, click on ‘Friends and Chat’.

The Friends and Chat box opens drop down option shows the 'Edit Profile Name'.
Clicking on the dropdown arrow next to your name will give you the option to update your profile name.

Click on your name in the friends list. It will show you the option to edit your profile name. Clicking this option will open the dialog box to change your name.

The dialog box says "Edit Profile Name"
You can now alter your name while still in-game.

A player’s name is often the only thing we remember in a game of CS:GO. If you are constantly killing a particular opponent, that player will remember your name and possibly negatively impact his next duel with you.

CS:GO players should ensure they do not keep any vulgar names that might hurt sentiments. It is important to stay respectful of others’ feelings while choosing your new name.

Stay tuned to for the latest CS:GO news and updates. You will also find CS: GO guides to help you improve your game.

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