Setting the right launch option can provide a significant improvement to your game. Here are the best launch options to improve your game.

A game of Counter-Strike Global Offensive can be won or lost with small margins. A simple change of setting or a different crosshair can have an impact on a player’s skill and performance. CS:GO players are always searching for any small advantage that can help them secure a game. It could be in the form of in-game strategy, certain grenades or map picks. At one point in CS:GO history, players were using different operators to gain a small advantage over their opponents. But here’s how a change in CS:GO launch options can help players gain an advantage over opponents.

What are CSGO Launch Options?

CS:GO launch options are just another way for players to optimize their game for maximum efficiency. Launch options allow users access to settings concerning tickrates, FPS, video, audio and other game settings. 

Which is the best setting for a player? Settings are subjective. Every CS:GO player has a different hardware-software setup. The default CS:GO settings are not optimized for the best performance. They tend to provide a balance between graphics and performance; and the player does not get the best of both worlds. 

How to Access Launch Console?

Right-click on CS:GO in your Steam library and click on properties.

The CS: GO Launch options are available under the General tab in settings. 

What are the best console commands in CS:GO?


The game will not load Valve’s intro video and start the game directly. It lowers the time players spend waiting for the game to load. 


CS:GO launches with the console open.


Launches the game in high priority mode. The system allocates more CPU resources to CS:GO over other applications. However, if there is no noticeable improvement in performance, it is best advised to remove this command. 

-tickrate 128

CS:GO launches with a 128 tick rate interface. When users set up a private server, it will default to 128 tickrate. A higher tickrate offers significant performance improvements.  


Tells the CPU how many cores it has access to. If you are confused about the number of cores or if to tinker with this setting at all, it is best to leave it untouched. 


Removes the border. 

Graphics Options

The launch options can also help users start their game in the optimal graphics settings. Users can choose between fullscreen mode, windowed mode or customize the settings for their monitors. In the fullscreen mode, the video card will render only the game. In Windowed mode, the player’s video card renders the game as well as every other application in the background. 


As the name suggests, this CS: GO launch options starts the game in full-screen mode. 


The game launches in windowed mode. 

The launch options optimize your game 

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