Meanwhile, G2 esports is now guaranteed a spot at the BLAST Premier World Finals.

Complexity and OG faced each other in the Round of 8 series at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. The series was a knockout one, with the loser facing elimination and the winner advancing to the Ro4. OG were the favorites coming into this series with superior results and a much higher rank. But no one expected the first map to go the way it did. 

Complexity suffer ‘another’ 0-16 loss

The first map was Mirage, Complexity’s map pick. Usually, teams pick their strongest maps, but in this case, Complexity suffered an embarrassing 0-16 loss. This loss comes just a few weeks after the team suffered a similar 0-16 loss to FaZe Clan.

It was a complete meltdown on the T-side for Complexity. Unable to crack the OG defense on Mirage, Complexity often seemed lost and uncoordinated. The lack of diversity in the Complexity strat-book was evident from the 0-15 start. OG completed the first half with a 15-0 score and closed out Mirage with a flawless 16-0. It was a great start for OG and they carried part of the momentum into the second map. 

A Much Better Performance on Dust 2

Putting the 0-16 loss behind them, Complexity marched into Dust 2 with determination and a desire to win. OG had the momentum into Dust 2 and started strong with a 5-1 lead. But Complexity’s CT side was simply too good as they managed to string together seven rounds in a row.

Complexity’s T-side on Dust was slow, but it allowed OG to get a lot of space, and with it, information. 

The T-side woes continued to hunt Benjamin "blameF" Bremer and co. on Dust 2. Winning 8 of the first 9 rounds on the CT side, OG pulled away towards victory. Complexity had a mini-comeback towards the end, but OG sealed the deal on Dust 2 with a 16-12 score. 

The team is not functioning right now. We have a bunch of problems that are not really getting fixed. We are just not good enough at all and that's just how it is. They (OG) were just way better.

Blamef in post-match interview

With this victory, OG will face Heroic in their next match. The winner of that series will secure an invitation to the BLAST Premier Fall Finals in November. 

OG winning against Complexity means that G2 esports are now guaranteed a slot at the World Finals later this year. The BLAST Premier World Finals takes place from December 14-19 with a million dollar prize pool and eight teams in competition.

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