The teams had an elimination match in Group A. Only one remains in the fight for the trophy.

It was the second match for SAW and Astralis at BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024. Both teams did not have a good start at this CS2 tournament as SAW lost to FaZe Clan in their opening match and Astralis fell victim to NAVI. While the more successful teams in Group A have a winners match to proceed directly to the semifinal, the losing teams can hope for one spot in the quarters. Who used this chance?

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Group A SAW vs Astralis: Live score

The Group A elimination match took place on June 13.

SAW 0-2 Astralis — Astralis wins

Score (Rounds)
1Dust2 (SAW's pick)SAW 5-13 Astralis
2Inferno (Astralis' pick)SAW 3-13 Astralis
3Nuke (decider)-

Match recap

Let’s take a quick look at the games between SAW in Astralis thanks to this match-to-match summary.

Game 1 (Dust2): Mistakes are not repeated

It was the second time Astralis played on Dust2 at BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024. In the match against NAVI, the Danish team made quite a lot of mistakes, especially on the CT-side. It feels like SAW decided to make this pick to use the apparent weaknesses of their opponents. It’s not what actually happened.

Astralis learned their lesson well! They were almost flawless on CT — active, forcing their play on SAW. And the Portuguese players tried to follow one pattern from round to round. They pushed to A Long, and Astralis let them occupy the area. But then, everything fell apart for SAW, all of them were killed despite even successful planting.

On the T-side, Astralis were super creative with their approach. In one round they fought for early control on Mid. In another round, they were taking B instead. The opponents were confused and lost confidence.

SAW also had some good moments, like the first pistol round or an Ace in round 10. Still, they simply drowned in the dominance of Astralis.

Game 2 (Inferno): Confusion

Astralis had a good game here! On the T-side, they tricked their opponents so easily, going to Banana, making noises there, then rotating to A, and then returning to B to plant on an empty bombsite. Astralis mixed everything so well, that SAW looked totally confused. They made individual mistakes. They failed in team tactics far too much for such a tournament.

Everything said here is more about how strong Astralis were, not the opposite about SAW. The Portuguese players proved their skills — like when they won a round with poor weapons thanks to a good read and proper positioning on B. Still, their strategy was too often based on gamble guesses, which can’t work all the time.

After swapping sides, SAW had no time to prove themselves. They acted somewhat repeatedly, with smoke on Mid and entrance through A Apartments. The tournament ends for them here.

Astralis wins and proceeds to the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024 quarter-final. Their opponent will be decided in the match between and Team Spirit.

Match format, predictions, and stream

Both SAW and Astralis look for two successful games in this match under the best-of-three (Bo3) format.

During the opening match against FaZe, SAW looked like a momentum-heavy team. When everything goes their way, they win round after round. But then, some good moments for their opponents occur, and the spirit starts falling apart for SAW. The Portuguese players may lack experience and consistency. This match against Astralis is going to be a powerful challenge for them.

Astralis, on the other hand, played very well in the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 match against NAVI. The team had a solid, creative strategy over the rounds, and every player demonstrated great individual skills. It feels like Astralis’ victory is a more likely result here.

Stream: BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024

Like everything else from BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024, the Group A elimination match between SAW and Astralis is streamed on the official channels:

Sure, the stream of CS2 match between SAW and Astralis is also right here, embedded below:

SAW and Astralis players at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024

Here are the full rosters of both teams.

Christopher "MUTiRiS" FernandesNicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz
Ricardo "rmn" OliveiraVictor "Staehr" Staehr
Michel "ewjerkz" MagalhãesMartin "stavn" Lund
João "story" VieiraJakob "jabbi" Nygaard
Rafael "arrozdoce" WingAlexander "br0" Bro

The history between SAW and Astralis before BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024

SAW is a relatively new team in top-level CS2 esports, and they did not have many chances to play against Astralis. The teams were in the same group at ESL Pro League Season 19, but SAW lost their two matches and were eliminated. Meanwhile, Astralis qualified for the playoffs after three victories. The teams did not face each other at the tournament.

Astralis and SAW were in different groups at the CCT Season 1 Global Finals. SAW finished last in theirs, while Astralis were first in the group stage and eventually reached the 3rd-4th place.

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