It’s an opening match for Group A and the very first match of the event.

The CS2 tournament BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024 starts with a group stage where eight teams fight for six spots in the playoffs. The opening matches are quite important, as a victory here guarantees proceeding to the next stage.

FaZe Clan and SAW played on the first day of the event, with one of them being considered a favorite. However, CS2 esports can be surprisingly unpredictable. Everything about this match is in this post, including the live score, format details, stream, and info on both teams.'s BLAST Premier: Spring Final coverage is supported by GG.BET, the international betting brand. Grab your special +200% deposit bonus with promo code ESPORTSGG.

Group A FaZe vs SAW: Live score

The match happened on June 12 at 1 p.m CEST / 7 a.m ET / 4 a.m PT.

FaZe 2:0 SAW

Score (Rounds)
1Ancient (SAW's pick)FaZe 19-16 SAW
2Inferno (FaZe's pick)FaZe 13-5 SAW
3Nuke (decider)-

Match Recap

Let's have a quick look at what happened in the opening match of BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024 via this brief game-to-game recap.

Game 1 (Ancient): Close to sensation

Most and probably all analysts predicted an easy win for FaZe in this match. So everyone kind of expected domination from them. It’s not like Game 1 started at all! SAW, on the T side, won the pistol and quite a few other rounds in the first half. It felt like FaZe really underestimated their opponents. Then, the situation changed drastically.

On the CT side, SAW looked almost helpless. They were easily deceived by fake calls from FaZe, specifically from Karrigan.

FaZe recovered from 2-10. It looked like an achievement for SAW to take the game to overtime — and they did it twice. Switching back to T helped for a while, but then FaZe proved they can play exceptionally on both sides.

With a score of 19:16 FaZe secured Game 1.

Game 2 (Ancient): Here comes domination

SAW had some good moments at the beginning of Game 2, but everything fell apart when they faced the formidable wall of FaZe.

The economy of the Portuguese team was destroyed, and SAW couldn’t recover from that round after round. A brave Banana push by rmn helped the player to go through smoke behind the FaZe players and secure important kills. SAW won Round 11 and somewhat stabilized the economy.

After the side switch, SAW had some hope, as they won the pistol round. But then FaZe's dominance had no mercy.

FaZe won 13-5 and proceeded to the Group A winners match. They will play on June 12 against the winner of NAVI vs Astralis.

Match format, predictions, and stream

Like the other matches of the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024 group stage, FaZe vs SAW is of the best-of-three (Bo3) format. A team needs to win two games to claim victory.

There will be only two matches for each team in Group A. FaZe and SAW have a chance to earn a playoff spot right after the first match. However, a team needs two wins to proceed directly to the semifinals.

A losing team will still have a chance to make it further via the elimination match within Group A against the loser in NAVI vs Astralis.

As for expectations from the match FaZe vs SAW, it feels like seeing FaZe Clan succeeding here is quite an expected outcome. The team is more stable with their CS2 results, and the players are more experienced in the top-tier competition.


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FaZe and SAW players 

The roster of both teams did not change in 2024. The newest player in FaZe Clan is David "frozen" Čerňanský, who joined the team in December 2023. Rafael "arrozdoce" Wing joined SAW in April 2023.

FaZe Clan
Håvard "rain" NygaardChristopher "MUTiRiS" Fernandes
Helvijs "broky" SaukantsRicardo "rmn" Oliveira
Finn "karrigan" AndersenMichel "ewjerkz" Magalhães
Robin "ropz" KoolJoão "story" Vieira
David "frozen" ČerňanskýRafael "arrozdoce" Wing

Road to BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024

To qualify for this event, the teams had to perform successfully at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2024 and Spring Showdown 2024.

FaZe Clan

Not everything went smoothly for Faze Clan in their Group A of BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2024. The team lost to GL in the very first match (0-2). It took the players some extra effort to make it through the lower brackets, defeat two opponents there — including GL, and then win the grand final against Team Liquid. It was an impressive run!

After that, FaZe Clan finished 2nd at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2024 and PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. The team won Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu 2024.

CS2 FaZe Clan (Image via BLAST Premier)
CS2 FaZe Clan (Image via BLAST Premier)


The team qualified for the Spring Finals via BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2024, and they did that super decently. SAW lost only one game throughout their run — in a match against Team Liquid. The rest of their victims are Cloud9 and OG.

Beyond that, there is nothing really big for SAW in 2024. The team won the RTP Arena Cup 2024, but it’s a B-tier tournament. The highest S-tier placement for SAW is 9th to 12th at CCT Season 1 Global Finals.

CS2 SAW Clan (Image via BLAST Premier)
CS2 SAW Clan (Image via BLAST Premier)

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