Astralis have been steady with their performance and the only thing lacking is time.

BR0 joined Astralis late last year when dev1ce took on the role of an IGL. It was a time of change for the famed Danish organization, and now, six months down the line, they look like a team ready to challenge the best in the game. After a string of top four placements, Astralis will. now compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. caught up with Alexander "br0" Bro of Astralis before the event to talk about his career, Astralis and more. You come to London straight from Dubai after competing in the YaLLa Compass event. You finished in the top 4 at that event but that was a surprise result against TheMongolz. What do you think went wrong in that match?

Astralis br0: Now, I think MongolZ played a good game in many cases they deserved to win. But watching the game back, I feel like we came close. We always had the percentage in our favor and it was just about closing it out. They kept their cool, they found the solutions all the time. So yes, we have something to fix but I think it's also worth to mention they need some credit for that game. 

You joined Astralis from Monte, which was your first big opportunity to play on a top-tier team. How do you think the pressure of playing at this level compares to some of your previous rosters? 

No not pressure, I think most of the pressure is coming from myself, by wanting to perform on the biggest stage I wanted to show myself and others that I can do what I can do. So mostly, for the most part, it’s me putting pressure on myself.

They kept their cool, they found the solutions all the time

Astralis Br0 on the Mongolz match at YaLLa Compass

Back when you were on the talent team, the goal was to climb up the ladder to play on a Tier 1 team. But you’ve been on a top team for some stage. Playing on the big stage, against the G2 esports, the FaZe Clans, the Vitalitys. What’s the motivation that drives you to perform at this level?

I think it's just winning in style, showing that you are the clear favorites in a matchup. There's also an ultimate goal or accomplishment you can achieve in CS, like Astralis did back in the day or what FaZe has been doing for the last six months or MOUZ recently has been doing right. I think that is the ultimate feeling you can achieve in CS, that is complete domination. 

When you joined Monte, that was the first time you got on to a top team and you guys finished high up in the rankings. When you move to a Tier 1 team there’s a lot of changes to take in. What were your biggest learnings from that period on Monte?

It is that CS is being played very differently especially when it comes to the higher level. In Tier 2 Tier 3, it was kind of the same style that was being played in all teams but they had individual flair.

In Tier 1, it’s like every team is playing a different style of CS, and all of them adapt. The better the team they are, the better they are at adapting and breaking it down one by one. I think that was the most difficult part - it was understanding this and playing differently.

I would say I am a more sacrificial player, I am playing mostly by percentages in the round. It might not be getting a kill, it might be getting a trade or moving in the correct direction but yes, that has been the most difficult but also the best experience. 

Sacrifice and Improvement

You mentioned being a sacrificial player. Back when they announced your signing, the announcement did mention it allows for other players to move into roles that they want to. What do you think is the biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make as a player? How Does it impact your existing style or playstyle?

I think the biggest sacrifice was expecting it to be easier to compromise how I want to play and how they want to play. It's about finding the balance and that's of course, why it takes time to connect as a team. Because you need to connect every piece of the puzzle in the correct way.

For me it's I want to be sacrificial. I think it gets you further than being egoistic. So I think the main case of getting the balance, which has been difficult but that’s what I am happy to do. 

So dev1ce took on the leadership role just as you joined and obviously, Astralis has ruggah as the head coach. You’ve seen dev1ce play for many many years, but what are your first impressions of dev1ce as a leader in the game?

As a leader, I feel like it comes to him very naturally, by the way he is and he wants the team to succeed, it's very clear and it is something you can feel. The way he is talking when we are gathered up as a team and is really taking this role in and he knows what it means to be a leader, and I think that's the most important part. 

How has he helped you personally as a player to improve in your time so far on the team?

I mean, I mentioned pressure and pressure also comes with some insecurity. And I think he is the one that you could listen to. And he has been showing that and taught me at least and it's been very calming and nice to have that feeling in the team. 

Past results and What's needed

You guys were top four in the last four events. You have made valiant efforts to reach the finals, but it has been difficult. What do you think the team lacks right now?

Time, because I feel like it, most of the matches we played, I have the feeling and I think  we all have the feeling that we kind of lost to ourselves. MongolZ is again a prime example where we always ended up  in the better situations and let go of our advantages and same goes for more similar games.

I feel like the only team that we lost where we didn't have the chance to close was the Bo1 against Sashi. But again then you can say it's a BO1, so a lot of excuses can be found. I feel like we didn’t play a game where we didn’t have a good chance to win.

Yeah, dev1ce has also said previously that the team needs time. He had asked fans to be patient as the team finds its footing.

Astralis br0: I'm sure. I mean, so far we’ve shown some great potential and also recently for me, I have been getting more comfortable in and outside the game. So yeah, it's a process and I feel like we are moving in the right direction as it's going previous movies. 

So how do the dynamics within the teamwork with Dev1ce as the IGL and Ruggah as the Head coach.

Astralis br0: For me, the optimal group or units in the team is when everyone has a say and when everyone is cooperating. So yeah, of course, I think we have the standard system and where Ruggah, he has to final say or dev1ce has the final say.

But you won't get the Individual flair from stavn, jabbi or even me sometimes if we don't contribute with something ourselves. So yeah, I think we are working great as a unit. But of course, we have dev1ce who took the IGL role and we have to respect that as well. 

You mention that you like to compromise and adjust within the team. You’re a very skilled but as a person what else do you think you bring to the table?

Astralis br0: For me, especially when we are working, it's sometimes I'm going in my own lane. People can stressed, people get affected by different factors and I feel like I'm just pretty stable in that manner for most of the time.

I'm not saying that I'm hard as a rock but, I always have to mindset that whatever we have to do, I will do it no matter the circumstances. And also, sometimes the guys say I am funny - so that’s also something I bring to the team as well. 

What are your expectations from BLAST Premier Spring Finals? 

Astralis br0: I don’t know. We’ll take it as it comes, but we are of course shooting for the victory.

Astralis will face off against NAVI in their opening match of the tournament. They are in Group A alongside FaZe, NAVI and SAW. The tournament kicks off on June 12 and will send one team to the BLAST World Finals later in the year.'s BLAST Premier: Spring Final coverage is supported by GG.BET, the international betting brand. Grab your special +200% deposit bonus with promo code ESPORTSGG.