There are console commands you can use to remove or add bots at your discretion from your custom lobby in CS2.

Bots are a good way to practice in Counter-Strike 2. They may get in the way sometimes, though. Perhaps you want to practice grenade lineups. Or you want to study the layout of the map for a better understanding. That makes it necessary to know how to remove bots from your game in CS2.

How to remove bots from a custom game in CS2?

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Removing bots from your game in CS2 is fairly simple. There are a handful of console commands you can use to get rid of bots in a variety of ways:

  • bot_kick - remove all bots
  • bot_kick T - remove all Terrorist bots
  • bot_kick CT - remove all Counter Terrorist bots
  • bot_kick "Name" - replace "Name" with the name of a specific bot to remove it

After you decide the amount of bots you want in your CS2 lobby, follow these steps to give them the boot:

  1. Load into a custom CS2 game or practice lobby
  2. Open the in-game console
  3. Type in the respective command to remove bots
  4. Press Enter to initiate the console command

How to reactivate bots

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If you've had your fun without any bots in the server, there's a chance you want to add them back. This can help you fill spots in a custom game. It can also give you aim practice against moving targets that aren't quite as skilled as a real player.

If you want to add bots back to your CS2 game, follow the same steps to remove them and utilize one of these commands:

  • bot_add - adds a bot to the opposing team
  • bot_add_t - adds a bot to the Terrorist team
  • bot_add_ct - adds a bot to the Counter Terrorist team

It's a bit strange that the commands don't mirror each other. You can't add bots to fill all slots and there's an underscore instead of simply a space in the add commands. That's just how it works. You'll get used to it and the many console commands of CS2 at some point.

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