The workshop for CS2 is finally here, so you can import your maps, subscribe to others, and load into them with ease.

One of the best things about Steam are the various workshops. They allow creators to fiddle with games and you can take what they've made into yours quite easily. And after a nice long wait, the workshop is up and running for CS2, allowing players to jump into workshop maps just like they could in CS:GO.

Can you play CS:GO workshop maps in CS2?

For starters, you should know that CS:GO workshop maps will not work in CS2. Counter-Strike 2 runs on the Source 2 engine, which is an upgrade from CS:GO. Therefore, no workshop maps from the previous iterations can be brought into the new title.

A workshop tool is available, however, for you to change your own CS:GO workshop maps to the correct file for CS2. You can install the Counter-Strike workshop tools by going into the Game settings and toggling the option to Yes and find more information from Valve directly.

How to play custom maps in CS2?

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

At first, the workshop and any potential maps were unavailable for CS2. You had to download the map file, put it into your local CS2 folder, and enter it through the console. That method is no longer needed, as the workshop is here. Just follow these steps to get access to custom maps:

  1. Visit the Counter-Strike 2 page on Steam
  2. Scroll down to find the box with information such as the game's title, genre, and developer
  3. Under that box, select the Visit the Workshop link
  4. Hover over the Browse dropdown menu and choose Maps
  5. Change the Sort by filter or type in the map name in the search bar
  6. Hover over the map preview icon and click the green plus sign to subscribe
  7. Join a community server that is a hosting a custom map or head to the Play menu to load into a workshop map while offline in CS2

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