If you’re a fan of Counter-Strike 2, then we’ve got a short list of games that are like it for you to branch out and enjoy.

It's no lie that Counter-Strike 2 continues a legacy of premier games and esports, with not many like it. From the original CS to CS2, it laid the groundwork for the FPS industry.

And if anything like cheaters, burnout, or other factors have you wanting a new environment, we've got some choices for you.

The top games to play if you like Counter-Strike 2


(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

VALORANT is definitely the most obvious choice if you want a game like Counter-Strike 2. Before CS2's release, many pros made the switch to the Riot Games first-person shooter. And many have found success in its competitive scene.

While the flashiness and abilities are far from what you'd find in Counter-Strike 2, the games are very similar. The bomb-based objective mode, buy menu, and available weapons are quite a match between the two.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

The speed of COD can be much quicker than Counter-Strike 2, but you'll love its Search and Destroy mode. It is essentially the same as the main objective mode in CS2. You look for a bombsite, plant the bomb, or defend it if your start on the other side.

The weapon selection is much more vast, and there's a lot more customization involved. But you'll still have the thrill of clearing corners, popping smokes, and waiting for that sweet sweet sound of the bombsite exploding.

Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod is an old game, but it is an absolute blast. And while CS2 is run on the Source 2 engine, the games in the series before it ran on Source. That's what Garry's Mod employs for a slew of customization options.

You'll find tons of servers and modes, from roleplaying Star Wars eras to Murder and Prop Hunt. Many of its default maps are legendary Counter-Strike battlegrounds, and any server you join will have a playstyle almost identical to CS.


(Image via Offworld)
(Image via Offworld)

Counter-Strike is one of the original tactical shooters, with its full-fledged sequel ensuring its longevity. Another of that genre is Squad, but think of it as a large scale version. Battles can have up to 100 players and deal with realistic military scenarios.

It expands even further than what Counter-Strike 2 offers. You can build bases, command squads with radio functionality, and drive heavily armored vehicles to make advances. Teamwork is absolutely the name of the game in this one.

Pavlov Shack

(Image via Vankrupt Games)
(Image via Vankrupt Games)

For those that want to experience a tactical shooter game like Counter-Strike 2 with even more immersion, Pavlov Shack is the route to go. It is a virtual reality title on Meta Quest devices with realistic gameplay.

There are dozens of customizable weapons and team-based gameplay to get sucked right in to. If the bombsite-style mode gets old, you can hunt down traitors, team up to take down a monster, or try out loads of community mods.

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