Falcons miss CS2 Major, ending Magisk attendance streak cover image

Falcons miss CS2 Major, ending Magisk attendance streak

Falcons’ hyped-up roster isn’t what fans hoped for.

Falcons has official fallen out of contention for the 2024 Copenhagen Major, which breaks multiple competitive streaks for Emil "Magisk" Reif and coach Danny "zonic" Sørensen. The latest disappointment also kills the squad’s momentum from a top-four finish at IEM Katowice 2024. Here’s how the team’s RMR run broke down and why Magisk missing out is such a big deal.

Falcons entered as a reasonable favorite for the Copenhagen Major European RMR A, though it faced tough competition from teams like G2 Esports, Virtus,pro, Na’Vi, FaZe Clan, and more. Still, Falcons was expected to make the Major with a 3-1 or 3-2 scoreline.

The team won its first match against 3DMAX 13-8 on Nuke, which was a closer scoreline than most fans expected. It drew a very difficult matchup in FaZe for round two, ultimately losing 7-13 on the very same map. Falcons would once again play on Nuke against Eternal Fire, which was arguably the toughest possible opponent in the 1-1 pool.

Sitting at 1-2, Falcons’ make-or-break match was set against AMKAL. The Russian-Kazakh stack had literally zero accomplishments together before this RMR, making Falcons an overwhelming favorite to win. The birds dominated on Vertigo, but fell to an equal shellacking on Ancient. The decider on Mirage hit overtime, but a swift three rounds for AMKAL ended things just as quickly as they started. Falcons’ Major dreams are officially over. 

Magisk to miss Major, ending six-year attendance streak

Falcons’ defeat means that Magisk, one of CS2’s most decorated players, will miss his first major since 2018.

Magisk has attended every single Counter-Strike Major since the London FACEIT Major in Sep. 2018, which he won with Astralis. Magisk played in three of Astralis’ four Major wins and earned another with Vitality at the 2023 BLAST.tv Paris Major. He ranks among the most decorated CS players of all time surpassed only by some of his Astralis teammates. This was his first opportunity to attend a major with Falcons.

In addition, Falcons coach zonic will miss his first major in his entire coaching career. The player-turned-coach joined Astralis when it was still known as Team Questionmark. He attended every single Major since then including the BLAST.tv Paris Major after moving to Vitality. He joined Falcons during the team’s 2023 rebuild. The shock loss at the European RMR A means both he and Magisk will miss the chance to extend their Major streaks.

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