FaZe Clan qualify for PGL Copenhagen Major cover image

FaZe Clan qualify for PGL Copenhagen Major

FaZe are Major bound.

FaZe Clan have secured their PGL Copenhagen Major slot after a 2-0 victory over Eternal Fire in the European RMR. With this victory, the team joins G2 esports and Virtus.Pro as the first few teams to qualify for the Major. 

FaZe take down Eternal Fire to secure the Copenhagen slot

The two-map victory over Eternal Fire saw an overtime on Overpass that had a nail-biting finish. With a 19-17 victory over Eternal Fire, FaZe had a one-map lead and the mental advantage in the series.

Broky and ropz were the superstars on Overpass with 30 and 27 kills to their names respectively. Ropz had a 1.29 rating, signifying his importance to the team’s performance. 

Unfortunately, Eternal Fire seemed to have their fire put out in the second map. A 5-13 loss in the second map meant Eternal Fire must fight for another day. Meanwhile, FaZe Clan have now secured their PGL Copenhagen Major slot with a 3-1 score in the RMR Swiss stage.

FaZe’s journey started with a victory over 9Pandas and Team Falcons. Their first qualification match was against G2 esports, which they lost 0-2, allowing G2 to qualify for the Major. However, the team grabbed the very next opportunity to secure their spot at the Copenhagen CS2 Major.

Who else qualified for PGL Copenhagen Major?

The other two teams that secured the 3-1 qualification slot in the group stage today were KOI and NAVI. NAVI had a narrow victory in the third and final map over BetBoom to secure their slot.

Here are all the teams that have qualified for the PGL Copenhagen Major as of February 16, 2024: 

  • G2 esports
  • Virtus.Pro
  • FaZe Clan
  • KOI
  • NAVI

The PGL Copenhagen Major is the first CS2 Major and will run from March 17 to 31, 2024. The tournament has a $1.25 million prize pool and features the best Counter-Strike teams in action. 

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Featured Image Credit: FaZe Clan