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CoD Mobile World Championship 2023 breaks viewership record

It’s a new peak for CoD Mobile esports.

The Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile World Championship 2023 event was the tournament with the most viewers in the game's history. The peak number of spectators was 50,796, according to Esports Charts. This number was reached during the semifinal between GodLike and Luminosity Gaming. The Indian team surprised the favorite Luminosity and reached the grand final, however, failed to beat Wolves.

Wolves, CoD Mobile World Championship, and viewers

In total, 534,270 hours were watched in the 2023 edition of the competition, according to Esports Charts. The post also highlighted the Wolves team. The Chinese team that won the competition was featured in three of the five most-watched series. As a result, Wolves also had the most hours watched, amounting to over 218,500 hours.

"English and YouTube remained the dominant language and platform, respectively, at the COD Mobile World Championship this year," Esports Charts stated. "However, as earlier mentioned, audiences from the former seemed not to have watched the Grand Final after their representation ended at the Semifinals, as the language fell in its overall watch time figure by 8.4%."

Viewers as a result of stories

The 2023 edition of the CoD Mobile World Championship was full of stories that contributed to a record number of viewers. The aforementioned series between Luminosity and GodLike marked a milestone in the history of esports in India.

Wolves' victory also represented a lot in a historic year for the organization and the country in terms of esports. This year, in the game Honor of Kings, Wolves also won King Pro League Spring 2023. In the same game, the organization is also competing in the Honor of Kings International Championship 2023 event. This is the most relevant tournament on the game's competitive circuit, with a prize pool of almost $10 million USD.

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