The team won $400,000.

Wolves players are the winners of Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD Mobile) World Championship 2023 after their victory against GodLike. After matches that began on Dec. 15 in Atlanta, Wolves players were revealed on Dec. 17 as the grand champions of the tournament. The Chinese team succeeded the Tribe Gaming team that won the title in 2022. Wolves took a $400,000 share of the $1 million prize pool.

Wolves' road to the CoD Mobile World Championship title

After being one of two teams to finish the group stage 3-0, Wolves arrived confidently in the CoD Mobile World Championship playoffs. The quarterfinals were a series in which there was no doubt about the merit of the winners in their victories. All four games were won 3-0. At this stage, Kagendra, Stand Point Gaming, PowerHouse, and Tribe Gaming said goodbye to the competition.

The first semifinal, Luminosity Gaming and GodLike faced each other. Favoritism was on the side of the North Americans as the trio Angel "Marshy" Gonzalez, Maiwand "Vague" Zai, and Brian "Tectonic" Michel were champions of the 2022 edition of the CoD Mobile World Championship. Additionally, Luminosity was a finalist for that title.

However, GodLike's Indian team did not give up and surprised everyone. GodLike won the match in 5 maps, the highlight being the decisive Search and Destroy in Meltdown with a 7-0 score.

The second semifinal was a regional duel between Qing Jiu Club and Wolves, two organizations with Chinese rosters. Without any major difficulties, Wolves won the match 3-0.

Wolves beats GodLike

The series started with a victory for GodLike on Hardpoint. The highlight of the match was Rishi "TrunKs" Dubey with 53 kills.

However, on the next map, Wolves tied the match with a comfortable victory in Search and Destroy. In Control, GodLike was once again ahead of the result with a balanced map.

Statistics for the third map in the series, Control (Image via Call of Duty: Mobile Esports on YouTube)
Statistics for the third map in the series, Control (Image via Call of Duty: Mobile Esports on YouTube)

The fourth map of the final was Search and Destroy. Although TrunKs' clear comfort in the game mode, it was not enough for Wolves to win this time and tie the series at 2-2. Wolves took the series lead for the first time by beating Search and Destroy 7-1. In their first chance to close out the match, Wolves managed to score a 3-2 victory in Control.

Despite the defeat, GodLike's journey is a historic one for Indian esports.

GodLike's journey (Image via X)
GodLike's journey (Image via X)

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