Here’s why some top Call of Duty pros are switching to Halo Infinite cover image

Here’s why some top Call of Duty pros are switching to Halo Infinite

Here is who plans to switch over from the recently launched Call of Duty: Vanguard to Halo Infinite, and why they may be doing so.

Some of the top Call of Duty professionals are calling it quits for Vanguard and instead suiting up for Halo Infinite. Some names include former World Champion Matthew "Formal" Piper, Bradley "Frosty" Bergstrom, and long-time European pros David "Dqvee" Davies and Joshua-Lee "Joshh" Shephard.

Top tier COD pros switch to Halo

The first domino to fall came all the way back in 2020. Frosty announced that he would be returning to Halo after spending the inaugural CDL season with the Florida Mutineers. He was a surprise signing for Florida in 2019 coming from Halo and had a fairly successful campaign. However, his heart clearly still belonged to Halo with his announcement prior to the 2021 CDL season.

Halo Player Frosty
Halo Player Frosty

The biggest move was former COD World Champion, Formal. He surprisingly announced his retirement after the 2021 season, with the intention of shifting his attention to streaming and content creation. It certainly didn't take long for the OpTic member to tease a return to Halo. He was reportedly set to begin the HCS season 1 with FaZe, before being abruptly dropped for FPS legend, Snip3down. Regardless, he will be a force for whatever team he ends up joining.

Dqvee and Joshh have also made the switch to Halo. The former completely dominated the European Challengers scene in Modern Warfare with Team WaR. He never finished outside of the top four, in any event, all season. Joshh on the other hand has been competing for about a decade. His Call of Duty resume is a mile long, but it seems as if he couldn’t find a solid roster for Vanguard.

Some questions as to why these players are switching games

Halo’s launch was something fans have been looking forward to for quite a long time. Casual FPS (controller) players now have the opportunity to add some diversity to their game list after a couple of years of COD and Apex Legends. Pro players in those respective games apparently feel the same.

The biggest reason why they are making the switch to Halo, is because of many years of essentially the same thing. COD games since Black Ops 3 have never really come close to expectations. Each game has had a number of problems and there have been a number of player complaints and even retirements because of it. Vanguard appears to be no different, according to both Dqvee and Joshh.

Yes, some of these players were once Halo pros at some point. They ventured off into new things, but with Halo Infinite, they are going back to their true passion. Snip3down is a prime example. A legend in the Halo scene, switching to Apex and finding success with Team SoloMid. He’s instantly found himself back in Halo just days after the release of Infinite.

With the current state of Vanguard, it will not be surprising to see more players make the move over. Players losing passion, disliking the game, and failing to join solid teams will be why. Halo rostermania is off to a hot start, that’s for sure.

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