After “losing his passion to compete,” Parasite has officially announced his retirement from Professional Call of Duty.

Today marked the end of an era for another iconic figure within Call of Duty, as Christopher "Parasite" Duarte officially announced his retirement on Twitter. In his tweets he stated that the main reason behind his retirement was due to the horrible state that Call of Duty Esports is in at the moment.

"I've lost all my passion to compete," Parasite said on his Twitter. "I actually never thought I would reach the point where it died, but when the game is constantly moving backwards and despite all of your accomplishments and performances yearly, yet your career isn't going anywhere it's kinda expected. I'm sad."

Parasite also stated that while he is calling it quits on his playing career, that he would still be interested in taking up more of an analytical role within the CDL.

"I have a very analytical mind when it comes to gaming and esports and would love to continue my legacy here." He has also been a recurring guest on ZooMaa's popular podcast "The Flank" wherein he has helped to break down many of last season's matches.

Many CoD pros, past and present, took to Twitter to wish Parasite luck following his retirement announcement.

A Look Back On Parasite's Career

List Of Accomplishments

  • x1 Call of Duty World Championship
  • 7x Call of Duty Major Champion
  • Total Tournament Earnings (Per EsportsEarnings): $263,914.63
Parasite Won The 2013 Call of Duty Championship With Fariko Impact
Parasite Won The 2013 Call of Duty Championship With Fariko Impact

Parasite first rose to prominence within Call of Duty Esports. He was a part of the iconic Fariko Impact roster which won the very first Call of Duty Championship in 2013 during the Black Ops 2 season.

Fariko Impact team is seen by many CoD fans as being the first "Dynasty" team. He has played for the likes of Team Envy, FaZe Clan, Ghost Gaming, and, for a brief period, OpTic Gaming throughout his long career. A career in which he won multiple major tournaments.

He had most recently been playing with Team Canada in the Challengers scene; who placed third in the most recent Challengers Cup this past weekend.

Parasite played under the London Royal Ravens at the start of the Cold War season, albeit briefly. He was eventually dropped from the roster prior to the start of Stage 2; with the Ravens opting to pick up PaulEHX for the remainder of the season.

It is a sad day for the Call of Duty scene, but there is respite soon. The CDL 2022 starts up again on January 21st with the Kick-Off tournament to be held in the Esports Stadium Arlington. The 100,000 square ft venue recently came under new management, with Envy Gaming set to operate it until 2030.