In the words of Hitch, TST Phoenix, baby!

Team Summertime, fronted by OpTic Hitch, has picked up WxC team Phoenix ahead of the first-ever playoffs for the tournament.

Team Summertime consists of Hitch (middle), Blake (left) and Jorge (just out of frame to the right, sorry Jorge)
Team Summertime consists of Hitch (middle), Blake (left) and Jorge (just out of frame to the right, sorry Jorge)

Organisations and huge names are now taking notice of the WxC tournament. Boston Breach doubled the prize pool for the inaugural run and now two content creators have their own teams in the competition.

Toronto Ultra's Overgirl picked up the Tsunami roster. Now Hitch and the rest of Team Summertime have come in and supported Team Phoenix.

"I saw that Overgirl picked up a female Call of Duty team and I thought it was an awesome idea and a step in the right direction for COD Esports in general," Hitch told

"The more creators we have supporting players the better for everyone. I knew that the finals for the WxC Tournament were coming up and wanted to try it out."

Tea during the Call of Duty Challengers event in Boston.
Tea during the Call of Duty Challengers event in Boston.

"Phoenix was the first team I went to"

The TST Phoenix roster has some of the best female players in the world on it. Kels was the first and remains the only female competitor to qualify for Challengers Elite. Tea has won several local LAN events and came within a whisker of being T8 in NA Challengers Cup #11 this season.

Cely is a staple of the competitive scene, and has taken part in several of the tournaments that TST has run in the past, including one alongside Tom "ZooMaa" Paparatto.

"Cely and Kels have played in several of the TST tournaments before," Hitch continued. "Phoenix was the first team I went to. I'm really excited to bring a watch party to our stream and support a new outlet in COD Esports! TST Phoenix baby!"

TST Phoenix roster:

  • Kels
  • Tea
  • Cely
  • Bel

Playoffs for the first run of the WxC start on Monday, May 15, 2023. All eight teams that played in the round-robin stage will play in the playoffs. TST Phoenix's Kels is a big advocate for the tournament and helping her fellow females get the spotlight they deserve.

"The WxC was certainly a great idea and is a huge deal considering it’s backed by Activision," Kels told "The WxC is further helping females get the platform they deserve along with helping lots of women get their name out there.

"There’s plenty of talent in the tournament. It’s also given a chance for there to be history made with Overgirl launching the first official professional women’s team.

"When Hitch messaged me, it was a no-brainer for me and the rest of the team. Hitch has given me and Cely plenty of opportunities to play in his tournaments and has always been very supportive of the female scene so here’s hoping we can bring a dub home for TST."

TST Phoenix finished the round-robin stage of the WxC with a [7-1] record. They are the #2 seed heading into the playoffs. They will play their first game of the playoffs against Wildfire. Team Summertime Phoenix are one of the favourites to take the WxC crown alongside Toronto Tsunami.

WxC playoffs will all be broadcast on Allycxt's Twitch channel. The action starts at 6:30 p.m. EST on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, starting on May 15. All 14 matches will be on her channel up until crowning a champion on Wednesday.

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