Raven Software has released a new Warzone update that fixes many bugs including the Hunting for Adler limited time event. The update also sees the end of the out-of-map exploit that has been plaguing the community in season 3.

Raven Software has released a Warzone update on April 28 to make some notable fixes to the battle royale. These fixes include the Hunt for Adler limited-time event in which the progress has not been tracked. As well as the infuriating out-of-map exploits that have been terrorizing Warzone players for some time.

Here is the patch notes for the April 28 Warzone update:


  • The sizes of the first and second circles have been reduced for Verdansk Resurgence.
  • End-of-game open mic has been turned off for modes with infinite respawn mechanics. This was intended to take effect with the release of Season Three last week.

Bug Fixes - Hunt for Adler progress fixed

Hunt for Adler is the most recent limited-time event which sees players doing more than just surviving on Verdansk. Adler played a pivotal role in the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War campaign and has now made his way into the world of Warzone. In the April 28 update, players will finally see their challenge progression as this was not tracking as intended in the Season 3 update. Another fix saw intel spawning inside of the map instead of in the out-of-bounds areas that players cannot reach.

  • Several map locations on the map have been fixed. Since the Season 3 update players have found ways to escape the map.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause gas mask overlays to remain on screen indefinitely if a player exited the gas as their gas mask was fully depleted.
  • Fixed a bug where the epic loot M82 Semi-Auto Sniper was incorrectly labeled as thermal.
  • The bug where the Modern Warfare “Razorwire” Submachine Gun Charlie blueprint could appear in loot caches has been fixed.
  • The R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow has had its reload audio restored.
  • The bug that disallowed players from exiting the plane in Battle Royale Practice mode has been fixed.
  • The explosion in Verdansk’s vista no longer dances around when viewed from different angles.

Weapon adjustments: FARA 83 to be nerfed

Here is a list of the following weapons that are to receive balance adjustments in a future update:

  • CR-56 AMAX
  • FARA 83
  • Bullfrog

The FARA 83 has been one of the strongest guns in the game for some time and is in need of a nerf. Many Call of Duty content creators has created videos on the weapon, showcasing the strongest build for the FARA 83 for fans to try out in their Warzone games.

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