Feb. 15’s update is the first content update since December.

It's finally time for Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2. After waiting two months for a new update to the game, Infinity Ward have announced what's arriving in their newest update.

Season 2 will launch on Feb. 15 as a free update for everyone who owns Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It will include new multiplayer maps, new weapons, new missions in the DMZ mode, and a whole new Warzone Resurgence experience.

The port on the new Ashika Island Warzone map (Image via Activision)
The port on the new Ashika Island Warzone map (Image via Activision)

The new update will also see a Ranked Play mode in the game, replacing the CDL Moshpit predecessor with an actual mode that is governed by ranks and skill rating.

MW2 Season 2 maps

Four new maps are coming in the MW2 Season 2 update. Two of them are traditional 6v6 Call of Duty maps. The others are for the bigger, Ground War-style game modes in Modern Warfare 2.

The new maps coming to MW2:

  • Dome (6v6)
  • Valderas Museum (6v6)
  • Al Malik International (32v32)
  • Zaya Observatory (32v32)

These new maps include the historically-favored Dome map. Dome was first included in Call of Duty in Modern Warfare 3 (2011). It has historically been one of the favorite maps of the Call of Duty community and seeing its return in Modern Warfare 2 is sure to bring some people back to the franchise.

Dome was first seen in MW2 (2011) (Photo via Activision)
Dome was first seen in MW2 (2011) (Photo via Activision)

Valderas Museum has already been seen in Modern Warfare 2. It was part of the beta and was previously removed from the game as a result of copyright issues. Infinity Ward removed it from the game before the full launch in October.

These are the only two traditional maps that are coming at the start of Season 2. Infinity Ward has not created any original 6v6 content for Season 2.

Museum was taken out of Call of Duty and then added back in (Photo via Activision)
Museum was taken out of Call of Duty and then added back in (Photo via Activision)

The other two maps are based on points of interest from the Al Mazrah Warzone map. Al Malik International is the airport on the map, and the Observatory is in the middle of the map with the same name.

New modes

Three new game modes are coming to MW2 multiplayer in this update. All three of them have been franchise staples.

  • Infected
  • Gun Game
  • Grind

Infected is one of the most fun modes in Call of Duty history. It starts with one player being designated as infected and more people become infected as they get kills.

Gun Game starts with everyone on the first level. Each kill ranks up in the lobby, and the first to cycle through all the weapons wins.

Grind is similar to Kill Confirmed, but instead of just counting points as tags are collected, players need to take those tags to designated zones on the map.

New Warzone map

A whole new Warzone map is coming in MW2 Season 2. The new map replaces Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep as the Resurgence experience in the mode.

Ashika Island is based in Japan, with the Castle map right at the center of it. It has completely new points of interest and an entirely new look.

The new Ashika Island Resurgence map (Photo via Activision)<br>
The new Ashika Island Resurgence map (Photo via Activision)

The new map is also part of DMZ in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This mode mixes players with bots and features missions that players can complete for rewards.

There are also some other changes coming to Warzone. These include Gulag and a new Path of the Ronin event.

New weapons

Infinity Ward is adding several new weapons to MW2 in Season 2. These include the return of a fan-favorite AR weapon.

  • ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle
  • KV Broadside Shotgun
  • Crossbow
  • Dual Kodachis

Much like the TAQ-56 is the Scar-H from previous Call of Duty titles, the ISO Hemlock is the ACR. First featured in the original MW2, it is a weapon that is synonymous with Call of Duty. Infinity Ward will add it alongside the KV Broadside Shotgun. That's a shotgun that looks like it could be an automatic variant.

The Crossbow also returns to the franchise alongside Dual Kodachis, which were first featured in Modern Warfare (2019).

MW2 Season 2 launches on Feb. 15. and there has to be hope that it doesn't last anywhere near as long as the three-month Season 1.

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