In MWII DMZ, the Shopping Center is one of the best places to loot up and find valuables. Come find out how to get to the Shopping Center!

Call of Duty's new DMZ game mode has players entering the overrun city of Al Mazrah. This involves collecting loot and attempting to escape from the city without losing any of the acquired valuables. One of DMZ's most important aspects is finding gear to fend off both player and environmental threats. However, you might not know that one of the best locations for gearing up in DMZ is the Shopping center. Here's how to find it.

Where to find the Shopping Center in DMZ

In terms of general area, the Shopping Center is in the Al Said area of the DMZ map, Al Mazrah. The large area is considered a Stronghold, so you'll be needing a stronghold key to grant access. There are plenty ways to get stronghold keys to certain locations. But, for specifically the Shopping Center, your best bet is to either locate the nearby Buy Center to purchase it there or eliminate surrounding enemies in the area until they drop a key.

This is a lot easier said than done, as the Shopping Center is home to a lot of the AI enemies in the DMZ game mode. Due to the fact the area has so much loot, there are a ton of enemies waiting inside. Enemies typically are heavy-armored, come equipped with a Riot Shield or even both on occasion. You should be careful with regards to how much attention you wish to draw while looting up the Shopping Center.

A great view of the Shopping Center (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Source</a>)
A great view of the Shopping Center (Source)

Additionally, if you are planning to go to the Shopping Center while playing DMZ, there is a White Lotus mission available for completion while in there. The mission simply entails eliminating three operators as well as 20 enemies without being downed while in the Shopping Center. With how popular the shopping Center is, there players are bound to run into each other. Regardless, with the amount of loot located at the Shopping Center, players should have no trouble fending enemies off.

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