Modern Warfare 2 is getting a Ghost spin-off campaign cover image

Modern Warfare 2 is getting a Ghost spin-off campaign

Who’s the guy behind the mask?

Call of Duty players may be getting more insight into the mysterious Simon "Ghost" Riley in an upcoming campaign spin-off.

According to sources close to Infinity Ward, developers are currently working on a DLC campaign that will dive deeper into Ghost's life. This coincides with previous interviews with the Modern Warfare 2 team that explicitly expressed interest in releasing off-shoot campaigns for popular characters.

Head writer Brian Bloom told IGN ahead of Modern Warfare 2's launch that the team behind the campaign is looking to explore Ghost's character behind the mask. He explained that there's something "iconic" about Ghost beyond "superficial elements" like his mask.

"And exploring that, and look at that would be something I think the audience would love ,and we would love to get into," Bloom said at the time.

Ghost continued to remain a favorite after Call of Duty players grinded through the campaign earlier this year. Gamers have a lot of nostalgia for the character, especially after dying alongside him in the previous Modern Warfare campaign. And he didn't disappoint in the most recent campaign, leaving gamers intrigued by him (and turned on).

Luckily, developers felt the same way and have allegedly decided to create a campaign that would further tell the story of Ghost. According to insiders, the development team approached Ghost's voice actor, Samuel Roukin, with the prospect of further developing the character.

(Image via Infinity/
(Image via Infinity/

Modern Warfare 2 is getting a second DLC expansion in 2023 that is focused on expanding the campaign's story. Developers have previously expressed that these would be released as episodes, with each one focused on further establishing main characters as well as introducing new ones. It's currently unclear if the Ghost spin-off is part of this DLC expansion plan or if it's a completely separate addition to the game.