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Ghost face reveal leaves Modern Warfare 2 players divided: Was he worth thirsting over? cover image

Ghost face reveal leaves Modern Warfare 2 players divided: Was he worth thirsting over?


Gamers have been thirsting over Ghost since the campaign launched for MW2. But now the mystery has been removed and his face revealed.

Remember when the internet had a collective longing for Ghost thanks to his line in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign?
I'm not afraid to admit that I got slightly caught up in the Ghost thirst traps as gamers debated if Ghost actually smirked or if he never smiled ever in his life. And it all started after Ghost confidentially said "quite the opposite" when asked if he was ugly. I'll share the original thirst trap again — for you, not me. This is just for you to understand what I'm about to discuss in this piece of journalism.
Okay, you watched it? So, you probably are also feeling quite intrigued with Ghost now. Long-time gamers as well as e-girls and boys have been drawn in thanks to Ghost's confidence, swagger, and bad boy persona. He's a bit of a mystery, and that includes his appearance.
Until now.
While people have been fantasizing about Ghost with his skull mask on, some couldn't help but wonder what he looked like after he so readily admitted he was attractive. And now they can finally see Ghost's true identity thanks to a face model that existed behind his mask.
So is he what Call of Duty fans have desired all these years?
Most of the comments in response to the face reveal were negative. Many gamers were unhappy with Ghost's appearance, with many comparing him to Buzz Lightyear from the most recent Pixar film. Handsome Squidward was also thrown around. While all three of these people are nothing to scoff at, it's hard to live up to the fantasy gamers had built up in their mind.
Here are some of the immediate reactions to Ghost's true identity.
  • So Soap was right... His face is a reason why he wears the mask
  • He's hot... But is he hot enough for a gamer?
  • I think this is a very unflattering image but it's all we got
  • TF you mean, he's a cutie
  • Average at best. His eyes are kinda odd looking and his bottom lip is damn near gone
  • What the hell are you talking about? He's not Chris Hemsworth but he's a handsome guy
The truth of the matter is, Ghost's face was never a mystery to begin with. It's well known that Call of Duty scans the voice actors' faces when creating the character models. This was also true for Ghost, played by Samuel Roukin.
There's a lot of similarities between Ghost and the voice actor, except for the eye color. While Ghost may have lost some hot points just for not being a mystery anymore, it's safe to say that Ghost is handsome and jacked. Still, some of the tension is now gone and I'm disappointed.
Olivia Richman
Olivia Richman
Editor | Twitter @y05h1eggz
Olivia Richman is a seasoned esports writer and editor who enjoys creating unique content about Smash, Apex Legends, Halo, Rainbow Six Extraction, Call of Duty, and basically every other game! Olivia enjoys the Pokemon TCG, Kirby, and being a persuasive thief in Fallout and Outer Worlds.