The Minnesota Rokkr have announced their roster for the 2022 season. What will it look like?

Minnesota Rokkr announced their 2022 roster on Thursday, September 9th, during their press conference on Zoom. The roster will consist of Dillon “Attach” Price, Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak, Preston “Priestah” Greiner and 2021 CDL All-Star, Eli “Standy” Bentz. 

Minnesota Rokkr roster will be the same moving into Vanguard

Rokkr revealed on Thursday that the team will be sticking with the foursome that they ended the season with. This news was not a big surprise considering their late-season success. Their historic Stage 5 Major win demonstrated just how good this roster can be.

This Minnesota Rokkr roster will be led by long-time veteran and World Champion, Attach. He’ll be joined by Standy, who had a tremendous rookie season for Minnesota. He was named an All-Star for the 2021 season and was in contention for rookie of the year.

"I don't think (Standy) has reached his ceiling yet"

- Attach on the development of Standy

Former Atlanta FaZe player Priestah will also be re-joining the squad after a bounce back season. Finally, MajorManiak, who found himself out of the lineup at one point, has made sure to become a regular on this team.

Looking to build on their moderate success since Modern Warfare

Minnesota Rokkr began their CDL campaign by hosting the first ever CDL event in January 2020. No one really knew what to expect out of them to start, but their fans proved to be completely devoted to the team. The Home Series event was a massive success. It appeared as if Minnesota could quickly climb to the top with their roster and fans behind them.

The start of the COVID-19 is what really hindered their performance with the switch to online. Two second place finishes was all they could accomplish during the year, as they’d never be able to get to that point again. They were always known to be an extremely tough team to play against even though they struggled with consistency.

Rokkr win Stage 5 Major
Rokkr win Stage 5 Major

Cold War came with an entirely new Minnesota Rokkr roster. It consisted mostly of the current players. They now had this pedigree of playing tough against better opponents, and the new squad certainly lived up to that standard. Even though they stayed a middle-of-the-road team throughout the season, they seemed to pull off major upsets against better opponents.

When they brought in Standy, it really brought them to the cusp of being a top team in the league. Their biggest highlight was at the Stage 5 Major. They pulled off a miraculous comeback against the Toronto Ultra in the grand finals of the event. Being down 4-0 in a best of nine, the team rallied back to win 5 straight and take home first place and $200,000. 

What to expect going into Call of Duty: Vanguard

Rokkr have to be content with the way the season ended. They have proven they are more than capable of beating the best. However, now it is time to reach that high level consistently every week.

The coaching staff remains confident in their squad for the upcoming Vanguard season. The concerns on how the roles will lay out aren't an issue for Rokkr. A questions was asked if the team would struggle if there wasn't a two SMG, two AR meta for the season. Coach Saintt simply said that he hopes it isn't and that it is instead a 3 SMG, 1 AR meta.

"I hope the meta continuously changes throughout the year, because I believe we are one of the few teams that can change with it"

- assistant coach reppin

The team appears to be confident in themselves and each other heading into 2022. With a Major victory and a top four placing at Champs, they know they can play against the best. They will need to improve in their respawn game modes for next season if they want to reach that top level. It remains to be seen if they can do so, but Minnesota Rokkr fully believe in their squad.

Watch the entire roster reveal press conference here