Minnesota Røkkr pull off the Greatest Comeback in Call of Duty History to Win Stage 5 Major cover image

Minnesota Røkkr pull off the Greatest Comeback in Call of Duty History to Win Stage 5 Major

The Stage 5 Major had one more surprise in store for us. That being Minnesota Røkkr’s unbelievable reverse sweep against Toronto Ultra to win the Major.

History was made yesterday as the Minnesota Røkkr pulled off a reverse sweep to beat Toronto Ultra in the Stage 5 Major Grand Final. Minnesota Røkkr, who were down 4 - 0 in map count, managed to achieve what has been dubbed the greatest comeback in Call of Duty esports history. Here is a recap of everything that went down in the Stage 5 Major Grand Final.

Full Match Recap

Toronto were coming into this match off the back of a very dominant display against Optic Chicago in the Losers Bracket final. Having been previously beaten by the Minnesota Røkkr in the Winners Bracket final, Toronto were keen to get off to a strong start in the second "Battle for the North." And to say that Toronto got off to a good start is putting it mildly.

Toronto Come Out Swinging

The first of many surprising moments in this series occurred when Toronto won the Checkmate Hardpoint 250 - 23; the most one-sided game of hardpoint all season. Things continued to get out of hand for Minnesota Røkkr, as they were effortlessly beaten 6 - 1 in the Moscow Search & Destroy. Though they managed to take the first round of the Raid Control it still wasn't enough to halt the Ultra's rampage; losing the map 3 - 1 and falling deeper down the rabbit hole. Rokkr seemed to show a bit of life in the Raid Hardpoint, but still they couldn't get past Ultra as they lost the map 250 - 196; the closest score-line of all the maps in the series at that point.

The crowd was silent, the score-line seemingly insurmountable, and all signs pointed to an Ultra victory as they loaded into the Miami Search & Destroy. But fate it seemed had other plans in store for us.

Rokkr's Road to Redemption begins

As if through an act of God, the Rokkr finally sprung to life in the series as they managed to win the map 6 - 3. The Minnesota Røkkr heavy-crowd finally had something to cheer about; but this was only the beginning. With the series no longer a complete blow out, Ultra hoped that they would be able to put their opponents away in the Garrison Control. But the newly rejuvenated Rokkr weren't quite ready for the party to end as they pulled off a 3 - 1 victory; decreasing the Ultra's lead to 4 - 2. The boot was well and truly on the other foot from that point onwards.

Toronto headed into the Standoff Search & Destroy looking a lot less confidant than they were at the start. Though they still held the lead in the series, in reality it was now Ultra who were on the backfoot in this tie. This proved to be the case as Rokkr completely overwhelmed them at all points in the game; taking the map 6 - 2. No one could quite believe what was unfolding before our eyes, least of all Toronto Ultra. And the crowd were loving ever minute.

Ultra were now fully in desperation mode as both sides got ready for the Apocalypse Hardpoint. Rokkr meanwhile were in truly living in a fairytale. A win on this map would tie up the series and put them within striking distance of their first event win of the season. The battle was fierce, and Ultra certainly gave it their best efforts. But once more it was Minnesota who continued to ride this momentum to claim the map 250 - 165. More importantly, this meant that Minnesota were now one map away from their first event win of the season.

The Ultra Reverse Sweep

It all came down to one final map. Raid Search & Destroy was to be the designated battlefield. Rokkr with all the confidence in the world; and the crowd fully on their side. Ultra on the other hand were still trying to figure out how they got to this point. They had just blown a 4 - 0 series lead, and Minnesota Røkkr were on the verge of greatness. As the teams loaded into the map you could just sense that Minnesota Røkkr were well and truly in the drivers seat.

Shots were fired, objectives were taken, and the crowd was in a fit of ecstasy. And as the dust settled, Minnesota Røkkr were the ones who came out on top; winning the map 6 - 3, and the series 5- 4. No one could quite believe what they had just pulled off. They were a team that no one had expected to get as far in the tournament as they did. And no one, not even the experts, ever could have predicted that they would be on the brink of defeat at 0 - 4, to rally themselves to a famous win against their northern rivals. It truly was a fairytale through and through. And everyone, apart from a devasted Toronto Ultra, were loving every second of it.

Standy named MVP For Stage 5

While of the Røkkr players were instrumental in their insane comeback victory, it was Standy who received all of the plaudits as he was the named the Stage 5 MVP. The rookie of the year contender played a crucial role in getting Røkkr to the grand final as they took down Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, and Toronto Ultra in the Winners Bracket.

Though Ultra managed to keep him in check at the start of the Grand Final series, Standy seemed to kick into high gear when his team needed him the most. Though he is labelled as rookie, he looked and acted like a seasoned veteran of the game. And he had plenty of highlight reel moments to show for it. Though we have one more event to go in the season, it is hard to see anyone other than Standy claiming the Rookie of The Year crown. Because he has more than earned it.

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