Toronto Ultra’s close fought win against Optic Chicago is but the tip of the iceberg regarding Day 2 of the Stage 5 Major. Things are heating up nicely as we head into the Finals.

The Stage 5 CDL Major continued to produce magical moments and tear-jerking heartbreaks as we move closer to Sunday's Grand Final. Here is a quick recap of all that transpired on Day 2 of the Stage 5 CDL Major.

Seattle Surge Rip Through The Hearts of London Royal Ravens

Our first match of the day featured the Seattle Surge squaring off against the London Royal Ravens. The series got off to a flying start as both teams went at each other on the Raid Hardpoint. London did well to withstand with the might of Surge, but were ultimately unable to do much else as Seattle took the map 250 - 247; largely in part to a incredible performance by Prestinni, who finished the map with a 1.43 K/D.

The match continued in relatively the same fashion with both teams trading round after round at the start of the Moscow Search & Destroy. Those opening exchanges quickly dissipated as Seattle easily managed to pull away from their opponents; winning the map in a comfortable 6 - 2. London had it all to do as they got to the Garrison Control.

Though they gave it their best shot, London just weren't able to hold back the wave of momentum that the Surge riding as the Ravens fell 3 - 0. A statement that rings true of the Ravens' season as a whole. Seattle Surge move on to face Atlanta FaZe in the third elimination round. As for London their season is well and truly over now as they had already been eliminated from playoffs. It was a valiant effort from them nonetheless.

New York Subliners Scrape Past Florida Mutineers

If there was ever to be a match that best represented the old saying "it isn't over till it is over" it would be the New York Subliners battle with the Florida Mutineers. The Subliners came into this off the back of a tense game 5 victory over the LA Guerrillas; a match that raised a lot of eyebrows in regards to NYSL.

Things did not get off to a great start for the Subliners, as the Mutineers simply outclassed their opponents to take the Checkmate Hardpoint; though New York certainly made it close towards the end. Things seemed to follow in a similar fashion in the Miami Search & Destroy as New York's players didn't seem to be on the same wavelength as one another; an issue that ultimately cost them the map.

Florida looked as if they were getting ready to walk away with this series. But then, as if out of nowhere, the Subliners began to click as they managed to scrape their way to a win on the Checkmate Control. This proved to be the start of something special as the Subliners would go on to take the Raid Hardpoint, with every player stepping up to get their team to a map 5: a scenario which they have been in several times this season. And experience showed itself once more as New York

New York now move on to face the LA Thieves in the third elimination round. Though a loss means that Florida are out of the Stage 5 CDL Major, they won't be too disappointed given that they have still qualified for the CDL Playoffs in August. However, given they currently sit at 8th in the overall standings, they would have hoped to have improved their overall seeding heading into the tournament.

Minnesota Rokkr Beat Dallas Empire To Continue Fairytale Run.

To be a dark horse you have to be or do something that no one ever thought was possible, And that proved to be the case when the high-flying Minnesota Rokkr came up against Dallas Empire. After taking down FaZe in spectacular fashion on Day 1 of the CDL Major, Rokkr were feeling pretty confident about themselves; and it showed as the series went on.

Empire got the ball rolling to start the series with a reasonably controlled win on the Garrison Hardpoint; with last season's MVP Shotzzy putting up a respectable 1.36 K/D. Things looked to be going in Empire's favour heading into the Miami Search & Destroy as both teams went round for round with one another. It took a little bit of magic from Rokkr's rookie Standy to tilt the map in their favour as they manage to tie up the series.

It was the start of something spectacular for Rokkr as they proceeded to take the Raid Control 3 - 1; a scoreline they seem rather found of at this point in time. This was certainly the case as they moved into the Checkmate Hardpoint, a map which Dallas desperately needed; and one that they were unfortunately were not going to get. After an emphatic display of slaying power and teamwork, Rokkr managed to take the map and win the series 3 - 1; upsetting the CoD gods once again.

Minnesota move on to face the Toronto Ultra in the Winners Bracket Final, where they will be hoping t o continue their fairytale run. Dallas, meanwhile, will be heading to Losers' Bracket where they will take on the winner of the NYSL vs LA Thieves match.

Toronto Ultra Go The Distance Against OpTic Chicago

After clutching up in the final moments of their match against LA Thieves on Day 1, Ultra were coming into this one full of confidence. Something they most certainly needed as they were going up against a red-hot OpTic team that had dominated throughout Stage 5.

Ultra came flying out of the gate to clash with OpTic on the Checkmate Hardpoint, with both teams itching to get off to a good start. The battle was fierce, but in the end OpTic just managed to come out victorious on the map. The game seemed to shift gears from that point on as Toronto effortlessly took the Miami Search & Destroy.

OpTic managed to pull ahead once more in the series by winning the Raid Control; largely due to the slaying power of Envoy and some last second heroics from Scump. It looked like OpTic were going to be able to pull off the victory. But then as they headed into the Garrison Hardpoint, Toronto found their second wind. Thanks to the a solid team effort, led by a few moments of brilliance by Bance, Ultra took the map with ease.

Everything had the making of an action packed finale, unfortunately this was not to be the case. After all of the build-up going into it, Ultra managed to take the Express Search & Destroy 6 - 2; winning the series 3 - 2. Ultra will now face off against the Minnesota Rokkr in the Winners Bracket Final. As for OpTic, they will be heading to the Losers' Bracket where they will face the winner of the Seattle Surge vs Atlanta FaZe match.

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