LA Thieves have rattled off three consecutive 3-0 series wins in the Elimination Bracket at CDL Boston Major 2.

The Los Angeles Thieves are rolling at CDL Boston Major 2. Over the last two days, LA Thieves players Octane, Drazah, Kenny, and Envoy have bounced back nicely from an early loss to OpTic Texas. Since then, the LA Thieves have steamrolled their opponents. It began with a 3-0 over the Florida Mutineers and continued with back-to-back 3-0 wins over the New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra. spoke to Envoy following another excellent day for the Thieves, and he feels the team is in an ideal position heading into Championship Sunday.

LA Thieves player Envoy talks about his experience in Boston and rebounding from adversity on day one

The crowd in Boston has been electric throughout the entire weekend. Envoy and his LA Thieves teammates have felt the energy. asked Envoy about his time since arriving in Boston earlier this week.

"Boston has been pretty cool. I did an Instagram story for LA Thieves earlier in the day where I related this event to the New York event (Last Season's event)," said Envoy. "A little bit smaller scale, but it's like the same theater vibe; it sounds great in here. Haven't done much of anything in Boston myself. I think it is super cool that we are right next to Fenway Park. I grew up playing Baseball, so just to be able to step in there and check it out was pretty cool."

Envoy and the LA Thieves had a less-than-ideal start to CDL Boston Major 2. Despite putting up a solid effort, they fell 3-2 to a hot OpTic Texas team. Envoy explained how his team was able to bounce back from the loss.

"Versus Optic, we lost the second map 6 - 1, and then in game five, we lost 6 - 4. I just think our SND is a big reason for our success in the last three series," he said. "In the Optic series, we just weren't playing as confident after the 6 - 1 loss. When we see the results, and when we don't, then it is really tough for us. So, playing with confidence, playing for gunfights is really key for us and not getting clutched on. Because over the last two years, we've had a lot of man-up situations where we lose, and we haven't had those these last series.

Rolling through opponents is not easy at this level in Call of Duty. However, it has looked easy for this squad. Envoy said it felt easy for LA Thieves, but some matches were close.

"It has definitely felt easy, but a lot of these maps, like even versus New York, our series yesterday was like 250 - 246, 6 - 4, and 3 - 2. So they are close, but if you don't look past the 3 - 0, it doesn't look too close."

What does Envoy think about MW2?

CDL players have been critical of Modern Warfare 2 since day one. In particular, Atlanta FaZe players Slasher and Simp feel the game needs a few tweaks.

Envoy agrees, but he loved Modern Warfare 2019 and believes MW2 could benefit from more maps.

"There are definitely some things I would change. Overall I loved MW 2019, so I was really excited for this year's title," Envoy told "I think the biggest thing, as always in competitive, you just need really good maps, and sometimes we lack that right now. So I'm hoping that over the next year or couple months that we get more maps in the pool."

LA Thieves are heading to the Elimination Bracket Semi-Finals, where they'll have a chance at redemption against OpTic Texas.

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