Ashika Island has been called gloomy by some, but JGOD recently noted that the new Resurgence map is chaotic and fast-paced.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players have noticed a big difference in pacing between Ashika Island and Rebirth Island, the two Resurgence maps.

The Call of Duty community was disappointed when Rebirth Island was removed from Warzone 2. The Resurgence map was popular with players for its small size and subsequent chaotic gameplay. While Ashika Island looked stunning, gamers were weary that it wouldn't compare to Rebirth Island.

But Call of Duty content creator James "JGOD" Godoy recently discussed the new map Ashika Island and found some interesting similarities.

Ashika Island has made Resurgence mode faster paced

According to the Call of Duty player, Ashika Island is the second-smallest Warzone map. It's not quite as small as Rebirth Island but it still has a lot of similar gameplay elements, with the largest being that the new map has super hectic gameplay as well — maybe even more than Rebirth Island.

After doing some in-depth research on Ashiko Island, JGOD found that matches on Ashika Island are about 65 seconds longer, but that the first three zones are a lot more hectic with "more kill opportunity." Being 15 minutes instead of just under 14 minutes gives players extra time to respawn back into the game and have more gunfights.

A lot of the Call of Duty community was in agreement with JGOD's assessment. Players commented that Ashika Island had a lot of mindless, chaotic fun and "crazy moments." One player noted that the newest Resurgence map also had more ways to "decrease redeploy timers," so squads don't have to wait as long to respawn teammates. That's thanks to the map having more opportunities to eliminate enemies and loot chests.

Is Ashika Island a good Resurgence map?

Not everyone is a huge fan of Ashika Island, of course.

The new map has been accused of being a bit gloomy and cluttered. Some gamers have even noted that it's hard to see what's going on and wish the map was brighter.

Other players feel the layout has lent itself to camping around loadouts and shops. Some have even felt the constant respawning and fighting has made it feel more grindy than Rebirth.

Ashika Island is a good Resurgence map overall with a lot of fun gameplay opportunities. But there is no denying that Call of Duty players miss Rebirth Island. Many have asked for Warzone to include both maps in Resurgence instead of getting rid of the previous map.

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