How to unlock Kyle “Gaz” Garrick Operator in CoD Warzone 2 MWII cover image

How to unlock Kyle “Gaz” Garrick Operator in CoD Warzone 2 MWII

Kyle “Gaz” Garrick makes his MWII multiplayer debut with the new Gaz Operator skin. Come find out how how to unlock the skin.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Season 1: Reloaded arrives in a couple days. With the upcoming season comes tons of new content. Included in the new season are two all-new Operators, the familiar but new face of Gaz as well as Klaus Fisker. Unlike traditional new Operator skins, Gaz is not up for sale. Players will have to complete a raid to unlock Gaz as well as his Convoy skin.

Unlocking the Gaz Operator skin

Kyle "Gaz" Garrick is a fan favorite character in the Modern Warfare franchise. He is one of the playable characters throughout the campaign along with Soap. Being Captain Price's right hand man comes with some benefits and recognition among Task Force 141. So, when it was announced in the Call of Duty MWII Season 1 blog post that Gaz would have his own Operator skin, fans rejoiced.

Now, the almost the entire Taskforce 141 team has reunited with Gaz's introduction. Although Laswell is missing, the remaining members of the Taskforce are together again. With Price, Soap, Ghost and now Gaz. You can also include Farah, but she's more of an ally than a specific part of Taskforce 141.

Unlike Klaus Fisker, the other Operator coming with the new season, Gaz can be unlocked without purchase. However, unlocking the Gaz Operator skin is no easy feat. To unlock the Gaz skin players will need to complete the upcoming Atomgrad Raid. Completing the raid, among other rewards, will grant the Gaz skin, as well as his "Convoy" skin. Additionally, once the Raid has been completed, players can purchase a bundle that will grant another bonus reward for the Gaz Operator skin called "Grass Ops".

The new season drops in a couple days, on December 14.

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