The new season of COD MWII closing in. Featured in the new season is the Klaus Fisker Operator! Come find out how to unlock it for yourself!

The new season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is well on its way. The latest update contains tons of new content that includes raids, limited-time playlists, weapons and more! Also included in the update are brand-new Operator skins. Specifically, skins for Gaz and Klaus Fisker. Once the upcoming season arrives, the Klaus Fisker skin will be available for purchase in the COD MWII store.

How to get the Klaus Fisker Operator skin

According to his description on the official Call of Duty blog post, Klaus Fisker is quite the Operator. Originating from Denmark's Elite Special Forces squad, Klaus Fisker is a living legend. He possesses natural night vision, which makes him quite the threat. Although this doesn't have an effect in game, it gives Klaus the excuse to wear sunglasses even during the day, which is pretty intimating.

The new Call of Duty MWII Operator, Klaus Fisker (Image via Activision)
The new Call of Duty MWII Operator, Klaus Fisker (Image via Activision)

Also with regards to his story on the blog post, Klaus became a living legend in Urzikstan. During a mission, he carried a wounded comrade 18 miles to the nearest base. This was accomplished through some survival lessons that his father taught him, as well as a strangely large amount of chocolate that the comrade was carrying. Like with his natural night vision, this doesn't have an influence on the game, but just overall helps build the character and gives him some backstory.

Unlocking Klaus Fisker is a pretty easy task. Unlike Gaz, all you need to do is purchase his bundle in the Call of Duty store when it becomes available. Although the exact details of the bundle are unknown, the blog post elaborates on the bundle. In that the bundle comes with "The new Operator, two Weapon Blueprints, and other festive items", which can mean any number of festive items. However, most of the Operator bundles range around 1600 COD coins and have five or more items included.

So be sure to not only keep your eye for on the new upcoming Season 1: Reloaded of Call of Duty Mode Warfare II, but also the Klaus Fisker operator bundle. For more Call of Duty MWII content, stay tuned to!

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