Flow State is an emotion-driven documentary following Team Biffle on their way to the World Series of Warzone LAN victory.

The World Series of Warzone LAN in London happened on September 16, 2023. The massive tournament saw 50 three-player squads try their hand at a $500k prize pool. The winning team were at the center of a recent documentary titled Flow State.

That's the team of Biffle, Sage, and Shifty. Presented by the PullzeCheck podcast and produced by Classics, Flow State showcases everything from the craziness of a content house to the joys of getting engaged in Paris.

Flow State, a Warzone Documentary, details the Team Biffle London LAN victory

The documentary begins with an introduction of Repullze and the rise of Biffle, also known as Diaz. Biffle dominated in a Nickmercs tournament, and that led to him being on Nick's radar for another tournament where the popular streamer needed a teammate.

This saw Biffle and Nickmercs' team place high and eventually go on to win a $100k Warzone tournament hosted by the Toronto Ultra. All of that sets up the rest of Flow State, where Biffle and his new team head to London for the World Series of Warzone.

Repullze shows off the content house and how it attributed to the success of the Baka Bros and Team Biffle. The documentary has each member of the team give their perspective on their way to dominating the London event.

(Image via PullzeCheck/Classics)
(Image via PullzeCheck/Classics)

Team Biffle World Series of Warzone LAN standings

The World Series of Warzone has long completed. It happened in September, but the release of Flow State has fans invested in its standings once again.

During the London LAN, Biffle, Sage, and Shifty won with a commanding lead. They ended with 218.2 points and 125 total kills.

That is 75 more points and 40 more kills than the second place team of HisokaT42, Skullface, and Mayappo. With a disappointing first map, the documentary focuses on them locking in for the remaining five to cement their place in Warzone history.

Flow State is out now, and if you are a fan of the Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale, you should definitely check it out. Esports documentaries as in-depth and genuine as this are a treat to everyone who enjoys competitive gaming.

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