Everything you need to know about CDL Fortune’s Keep $100k resurgence event: Stream, format, teams, prize cover image

Everything you need to know about CDL Fortune’s Keep $100k resurgence event: Stream, format, teams, prize

Los Angeles Guerrillas won the last CDLR event… can they go back-to-back?

The Call of Duty League is hosting its second $100,000 Resurgence Warzone tournament of 2022 this weekend, starting on Saturday, October 15th. This time, it'll be on the Fortune's Keep map.

The previous event, which happened midway through the Vanguard CDL season, was on Rebirth Island.

The two-day event will feature two semi-finals and a final across the weekend. 32 teams will have the chance to take home the their share of the $100k prize. All 12 teams from the Call of Duty League will enter teams into the event.

Half of the teams will come from Open Qualifiers, which were available only to players playing from North America. These 16 teams have been split into two groups of eight, half in each of the two semi-finals.

The other eight teams in each semi-final will be made up of: six teams fielded by CDL franchises and two teams that are invited to the tournament from Activision.

A brief breakdown of the format of the tournament
A brief breakdown of the format of the tournament


The event will be scored by a mixture of kills and placements. Teams who can combine high-kill games with strong placements will do the best in the tournament. Each kill earns a player's team one point on the CDLR leaderboard.

Placement multipliers:

  • 1st - 2x points
  • 2nd-4th - 1.8x points
  • 5th-7th - 1.6x points
  • 8th-10th - 1.4x points
  • 11th-13th - 1.2x points
  • 14-16th - 1x points


The event will have a $100,000 prize split between the teams that finish highest. Only teams who take part in the finals stage of the event will be able to compete for the prize pool of the event. The top eight teams take home prizes. Activision split that between all three players in the team.

  • 1st - $30,000
  • 2nd - $21,000
  • 3rd - $15,000
  • 4th - $12,000
  • 5th - $9,000
  • 6th - $6,000
  • 7th - $4,000
  • 8th - $3,000


All 12 CDL teams have will enter a team in the tournament. Some are players from their competitive rosters. Other use Warzone specialists that have made a name for themselves in the Warzone community. The Boston Breach held their own open qualifier in order to pick the team that would represent them in the CDL Fortune's Keep event.

CDL teams

  • Atlanta Faze (Swagg, Booya, LuckyChamu)
  • Boston Breach (Phantomz, fraeway, exzachtt)
  • Florida Mutineers (majormaniak, Brack, Havok)
  • Minnesota Rokkr (Almond, Tommey, Newbz)
  • London Royal Ravens (Shifty, Lenun, Jukeyz)
  • New York Subliners (Knight, zSmit, Aydan)
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas (HusKerrs, ScummN, UnRationaL)
  • Los Angeles Thieves (Rated, Apathy, Slacked)
  • Seattle Surge (bbreadman, WarsZ, JoeWo)
  • OpTic Texas (Zlaner, OakleyBoiii, Destroy)
  • Toronto Ultra (Nickool, XenoN, PicNICKbasket)
  • Las Vegas Legion (Mayappo, skullface, Hisoka)

Activision invites

Activision invited four teams to the event, picking four captains and allowing them to build their own teams.

  • Team Biffle (Biffle, Repullze, SuperEvan)
  • Smixie's team (Smixie, Grevey, Sitrehp)
  • Team Skyrroz (Skyrroz, The Hoboo, Casper)
  • Team Nadia (Nadia, Flxnked, intechstv)

Notable qualifiers

The other 16 teams playing in the event all qualified through the Open Qualifier format. Some notable names have made their way into the final event.

  • Team Bloo (Faze Bloo, Envader, Zepti)
  • Envailed's team (Envailed, Sage, clamp)
  • Team Sultify (Sultify, Clinkslays, Panda)
  • Team Braxtvn (Braxtvn, Braalik, Empathy)

How to watch

Call of Duty is hosting both the semi-finals and the final of the CDL Fortune's Keep event on their official Twitch channel.

The semi-finals will happen on Saturday, October 15th. The first of which begins at 3 pm ET with the second following on at 5:30 pm ET.

Sunday is finals day with the only action being the money matches with the $100,000 on the line. The final will also start at 3 pm ET.

Viewing rewards

Call of Duty is also offering in-game viewership bonuses for watching the CDL Fortune's Keep event.

Players can earn two new calling cards and two new emblems for watching the event having linked their Activision account to their Twitch account. Having done so will mean that viewers automatically get these rewards distributed to them.

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