CoD Mobile Season 5 Update: How to download the latest version? cover image

CoD Mobile Season 5 Update: How to download the latest version?

You can download the latest update right now to enjoy the new season.

A new season has arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile, and, as usual, has introduced a lot of new content to the game. The jungle-themed season is titled Tropical Vision and has brought new tactical equipment, assault rifle, map, map, attachment, and more. If you want to try these out, you have to make sure to download the CoD Mobile Season 5 update.

How to download the CoD Mobile season 5 update?

The easiest way to download the CoD Mobile Season 5 update is through the respective application stores. If you have an Android device, this will be the Google Play Store while Apple users have to use the App Store.

Simply open the store and you should be able to see an update option to hop into the latest version. The update size is about 1.5 GBs so make sure you have that much space available on your device.

While this is the simplest way to download the update, Android users can also manually download the APK and OBB files to get started with CoD Mobile Season 5.

How to get into the latest version with the APK and OBB files?

The link for CoD Mobile Season 5 update’s APK and OBB files can be found below. Click on it and download it to your android device.

After this is done, follow these steps to hop over onto the CoD Mobile Season 5 update.

  • Locate the files on your device. Click on the APK file first to begin the installation process.
  • You may need to enable the installation from unknown sources setting for installing the APK. This can be done through Settings > Apps and notifications > Special apps access > Install unknown apps. Enable the setting for the browser you used to download the APK file.
  • Once the APK has finished installing, move the OBB file to this folder: Android > OBB > com.activision.callofduty.shooter.

After completing these steps, open CoD Mobile on your Android device and start playing Season 5. You may still need to download additional content in-game, however.

What’s new in the CoD Mobile Season 5 update?

Tropical Vision has brought a lot of new content to the game to keep players engaged throughout the month. One of the most exciting additions is the small to medium-sized Apocalypse map that is set in the jungle of Laos. Originally seen in Black Ops Cold War, the map has now made its way to mobile as well.

The Apocalypse map in CoD Mobile Season 5
The Apocalypse map in CoD Mobile Season 5

The season has also brought a piece of new tactical equipment and an assault rifle – both of which can be unlocked for free through the Battle Pass. The Echo Grenade can be used to gain vital information on the location of enemies and will be unlocked on reaching tier 14 of the BP. The Oden, on the other hand, is a power assault rifle with a low firing speed which is available in tier 21 of the BP.

That’s not all, however, as the CoD Mobile Season 5 update is also bringing a new attachment. The RPD – Cooling Compressor will be available a bit later into the season through a seasonal challenge. This compressor removes the element of reloading weapons. Instead, players have to keep the gun within a heating limit to fire continuously.

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