CoD: Mobile Season 5, the Jungle-themed season, brings new equipment, attachment and more cover image

CoD: Mobile Season 5, the Jungle-themed season, brings new equipment, attachment and more

Titled Tropical Vision, the new season is introducing a lot of new content. Read on to find out what they are.

Activision releases a new season into Call of Duty: Mobile every month or so and the latest season is almost here. Season 5 of CoD: Mobile is called Tropical Vision, and, like the name suggests, has adopted a jungle theme. 

CoD: Mobile Season 5will bring a lot of new features. This includes the following. 

  • Tactical equipment
  • Assault rifle
  • Multiplayer map
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Attachment

Echo Grenade is the new tactical equipment

This new tactical equipment can be used to gain vital information on the location of enemies. The grenade pulses on being used, revealing the location of all enemies – even through obstacles. 

Be careful while using this, however, as the grenade doesn’t reveal the location of players who have the Ghost Perk equipped. 

You can unlock CoD: Mobile’s latest tactical equipment through the Season 5 Battle Pass. Players have to reach tier 14 in the BP to unlock it for free. 

The new Echo Grenade in Season 5
The new Echo Grenade in Season 5

Oden, a powerful AR, coming in CoD: Mobile Season 5

CoD: Mobile Season 5 has also introduced a new and powerful assault rifle to the game. Oden is a fully-automatic rifle which does extremely high damage, but has a slower firing speed. 

Thus, if you are confident in your aim, the Oden will be a great addition to your loadout to take down enemies quickly. Just like the Echo Grenade, Oden can be unlocked through the Battle Pass for free. Players must reach tier 21 to get their hands on the new rifle. 

Apocalypse from Black Ops Cold War will soon be available on mobile

What’s a new season without a new map? CoD: Mobile’s Season 5 is bringing the small to medium-sized Apocalypse map to the game. Originally seen in Black Ops Cold War, players will now be able to play it on Android and iOS devices too. 

Apocalypse is arriving to CoD: Mobile in Season 5
Apocalypse is arriving to CoD: Mobile in Season 5

Become a super soldier in the upcoming mode, Guns Blazing Encore

This multiplayer mode allows players to use their custom loadouts, but all scorestreaks and operator skills are disabled. Players can either be an operator in this mode or a Super Soldier. 

To transform into a powerful Super Soldier and wreak havoc, players have to fill their fury gauge to 500. This can be filled in the following ways. 

  • Earn 100 points on taking down a normal Operator
  • 100 points on dying
  • 300 points for taking down a Super Soldier

As a Super Soldier, players will have dual-wielded Death Machines with 200 rounds in total and increased health. On being eliminated as Super Soldier, you will respawn as an Operator. 

The first team to reach 30 points in this mode will achieve victory. Players will get one point on taking down an operator and three points for eliminating a Super Soldier. 

New Attachment: RPD - Cooling Compressor Barrel

A new attachment is also coming to the game in Season 5. The RPD - Cooling Compressor Barrel replaces reloading with an overheating mechanism. Players have to control the heating exhaust within a permissible limit to get continuous firepower. 

What is CoD: Mobile Season 5’s release date?

CoD: Mobile Season 5 is almost here
CoD: Mobile Season 5 is almost here

CoD: Mobile Season 5 will officially begin on June 2. The content update for the new season should arrive a bit before, though.

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