DMZ mode may be getting a huge update, with leakers claiming a faction reputation system is going to shake up AI interactions.

Leakers have revealed some possible big changes coming to DMZ mode.

DMZ had some impactful updates when Season 2 dropped on March 16, improving AI enemy's abilities and introducing Ashika Island and its many mysterious locations. But leakers are now saying that other updates are coming to DMZ mode in the form of a reputation system.

A group known as Task Force Leakers 141 has now shared some possible updates to DMZ mode that are sure to shake things up. In a recent tweet, the Call of Duty leaker claimed that developers are planning to add a faction reputation and trust system.

This system would also add the ability to barter contracts to build up this reputation with each faction and allegedly introduce faction buy stations with varied rewards based on your current reputation.

Within the thread, the leakers explained that AI characters representing each faction would be scattered throughout the map. They would be located on "faction sites" and offer "barter contracts" that would allow players to build up a reputation within that faction. There would also be buy stations at these spots that have equipment and rewards that change based on a player's reputation level at that time.

According to Task Force Leakers 141, the AI at these faction sites would become friendlier to people that had better reputations with their faction. Some players wondered if AI would become angry with them if they had bad reputations — and what would an angry AI even do?

Is a reputation system coming to DMZ mode?

Right now, the reputation system is just a rumor started by trusted leakers. It has not been confirmed by anyone working on Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

This concept would improve DMZ mode for players that have envisioned having safe spots throughout the map where they can resupply. But they will have to wait and see if this new system is implemented. And if it is, we are not sure when it will happen.

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