Call of Duty MWII Season 1: Reloaded brings Raids, Operators and more! cover image

Call of Duty MWII Season 1: Reloaded brings Raids, Operators and more!

The Call of Duty MWII midseason update is here with tons of new content and features. Join us as we go over what’s to come to MWII.

Season one of Call of Duty arrives in a couple days and with it comes tons of new content. The midseason update arrives on Dec. 14, 2022. And with it, the new content is getting the community hyped. There are new operators, raids, maps and more! So, here's an overview of everything coming to Call of Duty MWII in Season 1: Reloaded.

Season 1: Reloaded brings the Atomgrad Raid

Our first big piece of content coming with the seasonal update is the first-ever Special Ops raid. Called Atomgrad, it continues the story of the Modern Warfare II campaign. This raid is unlocked in one of three challenges and, despite not being overly difficult it's also not easy by any means. Here's how to unlock the raid:

  • Completing a specific Daily Challenge in Multiplayer or Special Ops
  • Place within the top 20 in any Warzone 2.0 Battle Royale Playlist
  • Extract in DMZ with at least $30,000 cash

Although it does seem like a lot of effort to even just unlock MWII's Season 1 Raid, the rewards are well worth it. There's tons of rewards in and out of the game. Not only can you unlock cosmetic items, but you can also unlock the Gaz Operator skin for completing the raid.

Two new Operators, Gaz and Klaus Fisker

As previously mentioned, Gaz makes his debut as an operator in the Season 1 Reloaded. Alongside Gaz however is the new Operator Klaus Fisker. One of the best of Denmark's Elite Special Forces, he is quite the intimidating fellow. With his sunglasses and Santa hat, Klaus is someone you do not want to see on the battlefield.

The return of Shipment map in Season one MWII multiplayer

Also making its return in the midseason update of Call of Duty is the fan favorite map: Shipment. The close quarters map filled with shipping containers has been a a map that players have loved since its introduction in Call of Duty 4. The map is extremely small, so players love the chaos that always tends to develop with games on the map. Although this time, rather than the surrounding area being a Shipping port, the Shipment map takes place on a cargo ship in the middle of a Ocean.

The newest MWII Weapon, the Chimera

Also coming in the midseason update of MWII is a new weapon for players. The Chimera is an assault rifle that excels at close range. Although the specific stats of the weapon are currently unknown, the blog post gives a good idea of how the weapon will play. From what the post says, the Chimera is a close range demon. Silent and powerful, the Chimera builds upon the M13B platform but seems to have a lot of recoil according to its description.

Gaz holding the new Chimera weapon
Gaz holding the new Chimera weapon

Quality of Life and Multiplayer features

The last of the changes coming to the midseason update of CoD MWII are some quality of life tweaks, such as new social features. To make players life easier, combat records have been updated. Specifically, to be more accurate with the statistics being tracked as well as countdowns to Call of Duty Events. Additionally, in terms of multiplayer features, there are groups which lets players expand their network and grow their connections to a wide variety of groups.

The new Group feature in CoD MWII (image via Activision)
The new Group feature in CoD MWII (image via Activision)

The midseason update of Call of Duty has the community hyped up for all the upcoming content. You can check out the full, official blog post here.

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