The control map pool in Call of Duty League is seeing a brand new map replace one of the most-hated in the game.

The Call of Duty League pros have voted to remove Al Bagra Fortress, one of the most-hated maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Season 2 Reloaded's Himmelmatt Expo is set to replace Al Bagra Fortress in the CDL map pool. Interestingly enough, however, pros were in favor of keeping Al Bagra Fortress. On March 28, Call of Duty League Intel revealed that the 12 teams in the Call of Duty League wanted to keep the map despite ongoing community disdain.

After the leak came out, Call of Duty League players were officially informed that Himmelmatt Expo was replacing Al Bagra Fortress for Control mode.

The Call of Duty community immediately celebrated the removal of Al Bagra Fortress. It's often been called the worst map in the game due to how often players are spawn trapped. Basically, players keep getting spawned into very dangerous spots that get them immediately eliminated, most notably near the fountain.

For the few players that do like Al Bagra Fortress, however, you can still expect to see it in Search and Destroy and Hardpoint modes.

While the majority of people are relieved at the news overall, some Call of Duty League fans are surprised that Himmelmatt Expo was chosen in its place. This map is fairly new, meaning teams won't have a lot of time left to get to know the layout before the CDL action continues on March 31.

It's not news that the Call of Duty community is being so outspoken. But it does seem promising that Call of Duty League removed a map that was so constantly criticized by players.

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