Next Call of Duty campaign reportedly set for open-world spin cover image

Next Call of Duty campaign reportedly set for open-world spin

No more set pieces. It’s time for an open-world campaign.

Call of Duty’s next installment is shaping up to feature more open-world missions, similar to 2023’s Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). 

It doesn’t end there. It seems that developers are going to use this style of campaign gameplay in titles beyond the leaked Black Ops Gulf War. According to reports from Insider Gaming, these open-world missions would be “built from the ground up” instead of the style used in MW3. 

Players get to roam the map using vehicles and even use fast travel for long distances. At least gamers won't have to drive from one side of the map to the other if they don't want to.

Why would they do open-world Call of Duty campaigns again?

This decision from the Call of Duty developers is somewhat of a head scratcher in the eyes of the community. Gamers across the globe tore MW3’s open missions apart once they arrived toward the end of 2023.

Players called the missions a “lazy” addition to MW3’s campaign. In particular, MW3’s deviation from massive set pieces made gamers feel as if they were stepping away from the Call of Duty campaign style they all knew and loved.

As it turns out, they still don’t like it. Collections of players today believe the franchise is leaning too heavily into the Warzone style of combat. The seemingly permanent change from the traditional linear style has players claiming they won’t spend their money on the rumored Black Ops Gulf War title.

With any luck, the Call of Duty developers will absolutely nail the open-world style of gameplay. This would mean gamers can enjoy the Warzone-esque campaign. If the reports are correct, Call of Duty campaigns as we know it will follow this structure for the next few titles, at least.

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