Time to iron out the Warzone kinks.

On the brink of Warzone’s Season 2 release, fans have been blessed with Battle Royale Preview. 

This new game mode is set to be the brief interlude before we’re inundated with Season 2 hijinx. Fear not, Esports.gg has the Battle Royale Preview explanation for you. 

What is Battle Royale Preview in Warzone?

Battle Royale Preview is the newest Warzone game mode. This limited-time mode essentially allows players to get a sneak peek of the potential upcoming battle royale experience. 

Players who partake in this particular limited-time mode get to test out the possible changes Warzone developers want to make, according to a February 1 developer blog post. This is basically like VALORANT’s public beta environment (PBE) experience. The game mode could feature tweaks to maps, weapons, and anything that has the potential to change in the Warzone landscape.

At the moment, the only way to experience Battle Royale Preview is in squads of four. Now that you've read this text, there won't be any confusion on Reddit. You're welcome.

What's new in the Battle Royale Preview?

  • Five Covert Exfil's per match
  • Covert Exfil sets you back by $30,000.
  • Green Flare indicated Chopper landing position (for players to exit)
  • Anyone can see the Green Flare
(Image via Raven Software)
(Image via Raven Software)

Upon launch, Warzone’s Battle Royale Preview game mode will feature a Covert Exfil, so players can escape the match early if need be. 

However, there will only be five Covert Exfils available per match. This particular feature will set players back $30,000 in their local Buy Station before the Gulag finishes. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a Covert Exfil, you’ll see a green flare. 

This flare marks the spot where the chopper will land. Once it lands, any player may exit. Of course, even an enemy can see the chopper approaching, and the green smoke excreting from the flare. So, they can easily steal it from under your nose.

If successful, you’ll be placed on the Covert Exfil leaderboard. This Exfil won’t be classified as your typical victory, so now, there’s another way to climb to the top of a leaderboard. Fear not, you will still be able to shoot your way out if you choose to stay behind. Those who do, remain in the match as spectators until their whole squad either dies or wins. 

That’s all there is to it. Now, go forth and test out all the potentially broken features making their way into the Warzone scene via Battle Royale Preview.

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