The next legend to receive a prestige skin may be Valkyrie in a Season 17 collection event, according to leaks.

The next character in Apex Legends to receive a prestige skin will be Valkyrie, according to reliable leakers. The pilot-themed mythic skin will most likely be the featured cosmetic in the next collection event. Interestingly, Valkyrie is skipping ahead of many older legends who have not yet received a prestige skin or even an heirloom.

What will Valkyrie's prestige skin Look Like?

Thordan Smash, a notably reliable leaker, said that according to insider sources, Valkyrie’s skin will be released during Season 17. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an image of the skin. However, some inside sources said that the outline will be similar to a Gundam character.

We do have the Valkyrie prestige skin finisher from a video posted by KralRindo. These finishers are generally more elaborate than the normal game finishers, and this animation is definitely flashy while matching her personality.

What is a prestige skin?

Prestige skins are one of two different mythic items in Apex Legends, with the other being the heirlooms. Both items are released regularly every season with a collection event where they can be unlocked by purchasing every event item. If you miss the event, you can unlock them later by using heirloom shards.

Apex Hunter skin (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Contagion skin (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Voidshifter skin (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

When you unlock the skin, you’ll have to complete challenges to upgrade it through a couple of different levels. You’ll also receive a unique finisher. Only four other legends have a prestige skin so far. They’re Bloodhound, Bangalore, Wraith, and Caustic. This could mean Valkyrie will be the first legend outside of the original eight to receive a prestige skin.

When will the collection event start?

There’s no official word on when the collection event featuring Valkyrie’s prestige skin will be released. However, we can reasonably assume it will start before the end of the season and after Split 2 of ALGS 2023 in London.

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