Vexed Gaming dramatically clinch Pro League win (EMEA Day 7) cover image

Vexed Gaming dramatically clinch Pro League win (EMEA Day 7)

Vexed Gaming clinched out a crucial Pro League gameday victory. They edged out Acend to take home top spot.

Vexed Gaming clinched out first place in a dramatic final game. This crucial victory, over Acend, has helped put Vexed Gaming on the cusp of qualifying for the LAN Playoff event, set to take place in early 2023.

Vexed have consistently performed across the Pro League so far, but have fallen just shy of the very top placements on several occasions. Both TylerFPS and Unlucky are among the best controller players anywhere in the world.

Elsewhere, Acend put down another strong performance. They, like Vexed Gaming, will be very confident of making the playoffs.

Vexed Gaming see it through

This performance has been on the cards for Vexed Gaming. They have been one of very few teams who haven't had an off-day across any of their games.

What has slightly frustrated Vexed Gaming fans is their inability to just make the next step. They can rack up kills, but haven't been able to consistently close out victories.

Vexed Gaming IGL, Matafe (Photo: Vexed)
Vexed Gaming IGL, Matafe (Photo: Vexed)

On Thursday, Vexed broke the kill record for a single game in this split of the Pro League, but even that game wasn't a win. This was not causing many problems for Vexed, they sat in the top 4 overall and have been confident of playoff qualification all season. However, with match point regional finals and playoff finals on the horizon Vexed will have been aware of the need to start converting more end games to wins.

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Huge win helps Vexed Gaming clinch win

In game 6, they did exactly that. It was an incredibly tight lobby heading into the final game, with only 4 points separating the top four teams. Vexed weren't even in that group of teams.

Instead, they capitalised on a series of mistakes by the top teams. Invictus Gaming died early, trying to kill Acend. Alliance got caught on a difficult rotate by Vexed, who took the strong position that Alliance had tried to inhabit. Element6 also failed to take their chance to win.

Vexed capitalised perfectly on their opportunity. They held their nerve in a tense final three standoff. Crucially, IGL Matafe knew exactly when they had to execute on the other teams.

Vexed Gaming are one of the best micro-fighting teams in EMEA. TylerFPS has consistently shone when he has been playing under a strong and confident IGL. He delivered in the 2021 ALGS Championship playing under K4shera. Now, under Matafe, he is rediscovering his top form.

TylerFPS: "I have the best IGL in EMEA and I have the best fragger partner." caught up with EMEA kill leader TylerFPS following the days games.

What made the crucial difference today to help you close out games, instead of pulling up just short?

Tyler: "We've been spending a lot of time vod reviewing our plays, going into private servers and figuring out all the best rotates we can possibly get. Matafe spends a lot of time with all this and without him we wouldn't be in the spot we currently are without him."

EMEA Kill Leader, TylerFPS. (Photo: Vexed)
EMEA Kill Leader, TylerFPS. (Photo: Vexed)

Are you confident that your playstyle could deliver in a match point format tournament?

"I'm more than confident. I have the best IGL in EMEA and I have the best fragger partner. When me and Unlucky are playing our game no one can stop us no matter what format it is."

Confidence high for Vexed Gaming

What Tylers answers show is just how high confidence is on this team. Matafe is an incredibly experienced shot-caller, and both Tyler and Unlucky are thriving under his leadership. Their confidence in him comes from both his experience, but also the work he does out of game. Anyone who knows Matafe will be aware of the attention to detail he puts into his game plans and preparation. This allows his teammates to simply express themselves.

Now, Vexed Gaming will turn their attention to preparing for the ALGS Playoffs.

Acend continue to shine

While Acend will be disappointed to have been pipped to first, they still took second overall. Acend have had two monstrous weeks - but hadn't quite performed the last two times groups A and B met.

They will be delighted that they have vastly improved their performance in this match up. This should go some way to answering their critics. Despite their strong performances, and placement in the overall standings, some have suggested that Acend are not capable of delivering against other groups.

K4shera at the ALGS LAN in Raleigh. (Photo: EA)
K4shera at the ALGS LAN in Raleigh. (Photo: EA)

Acend heading for LAN

This win has all but secured Acend's LAN spot - and they will be confident of their chances heading into the playoffs in Winter 2023. Crucially, their game style is suited exceptionally to match point.

In particular, K4shera will feel he has a point to prove. Acend performed very poorly in Stockholm, finishing 37th overall. They improved in Raleigh, but came dead last in the finals.

While they will not be complacent, Acend's strong position in the overall standings will allow them to begin preparations for the international stage.

Day 7: top 5

  • Vexed Gaming - 65
  • Acend - 61
  • Element6 - 55
  • iG International - 53
  • Alliance - 50

The ALGS Pro League returns next weekend, with groups A and C. With just two regular weeks of play left, the stakes have never been higher. Stay tuned for more ALGS coverage.