ShivFPS, Mande and Xeriffer in Pro League after player banned cover image

ShivFPS, Mande and Xeriffer in Pro League after player banned

Late drama sees the trio bumped up into a qualifying position.

ShivFPS, Mande and Xeriffer narrowly missed out on a spot in the ALGS Pro League, having failed to win Monday's ALGS Pre Season qualifier final. On overall points, they also finished short. The top four teams on circuit points qualified, but team '40% Worse' finished fifth.

However, a late twist in the tale means the team are set to earn a spot in the ALGS Pro League in January. Points were removed from Sunzyyy on Three Dragons. Thus bumped them down to 16th. Sunzyyy was mysteriously banned ahead of Monday's games and did not compete in the final.

Why was Sunzyyy banned?

Sunzyyy was dramatically banned just an hour before Monday's EMEA Pre Season qualifier final. ALGS do not comment on bans, but the player himself and later his teammates have clarified why.

The claim is that Sunzyyy is not himself a cheater. Instead, he allowed someone else to play on his account for a couple of days. This was to help him hold the ALGS Predator rank. That player apparently may have cheated. Although, the act of account sharing itself like this is also technically against Apex TOS.

Sunzyyy's teammates played the rest of the event as a duo - earning enough overall points to stay ahead of ShivFPS, Mande and Xeriffer in the overall standings. Questions were instantly raised about what would happen to the teams points following the ban.

Now, we have the answer. Sunzyyy's points (but not his teammates) for the entire tournament series have been removed which knocks them down to 16th.

ShivFPS, Mande and Xeriffer almost qualified directly

ShivFPS, Mande and Xeriffer almost qualified directly. Before the 6th and last game of the finals, '40% Worse' were in 1st place. They had a six point lead over second, and a eight point lead over LVH in third.

However, the final game was ridden with chaos and griefing. WanteD, landing at Launch Pad, immediately ran at ShivFPS and eliminated him early. 40% Worse did manage to reset, but the crazy intensity left only a handful of squads alive. Crucially, this removed the teams chance to rack up kills before the final rings.

Mande, substituting for Alliance, celebrates a game win at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in London (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Mande, substituting for Alliance, celebrates a game win at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in London (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

In the end, ShivFPS, Mande and Xeriffer died in 5th with two kills netting them six overall points. This was enough to keep them above Finals Finders who were in second.

Instead, it was LVH who dropped a massive 25 point game to surge past both Finals Finders and 40% Worse, securing their spot in the Pro League.

Redemption for heartbroken ShivFPS

There was not a dry eye in the house as an emotional ShivFPS was left close to tears by their near miss.

This has been an incredible journey for the 24-year-old streamer. He has been unable to properly practice Apex Legends for several months, as he battles with thumb tendinitis + De Quervain's tenosynovitis. This has left him playing on an adapted controller, and with feet pedals, in order to rest his hands.

40%Worse formed mid way through the Pre Season Qualifiers. They were not able to scrim, because of Shiv's injury. This was also the first time that ShivFPS has been the in game leader for a team.

His raw passion, entertaining comms and aggressive playstyle made 40%Worse a fan favourite team. Three big streamers, all on Mouse and Keyboard, competing purely for fun and their passion for the game.

Confirmed that 40%Worse will take the spot

When they initially realised that should Sunzyyy's points be deducted, they would qualify, Mande said he wouldn't feel right taking the spot.

"If we lose the spot I want Mande, Xeriffer and Shiv to take our spot and I insisted them to take the spot in our discord call yesterday."

Mande has taken to X, formerly Twitter, to reveal that they will be accepting their place in the Pro League.

The team will be amongst the most popular in the entire region. It seems impossible that the team could make it to LAN, but stranger things have happened...

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