Sentinels are signing The Guard’s former Apex roster. Battlefy has revealed this huge change, and more.

With the ALGS Pro League days away, several roster changes have been revealed by the ALGS tournament platform Battlefy. The most notable of these is a new Sentinels Apex roster. This is comprised of Rambeau, RKN and Keon who are currently with The Guard.

Elsewhere, Dropped is signing for Optic as expected, Xenial has joined Oxygen and FaZe Clan are signing Phonyhead and Frexs ahead of split 2.

The Guard laid off almost all their staff in February, but did not release rosters.

Sentinels Apex roster revealed early

While an official announcement is not expected till tomorrow, Battlefy have revealed the new Sentinels Apex roster.

The Guard have been in severe financial difficulties and laid off almost all their staff. However, they did keep their playing rosters. At the time it was speculated that this was in order to potentially receive a buy out from other organisations.

RKN (Photo: Joe Brady/EA)
RKN (Photo: Joe Brady/EA)

Rambeau, RKN and Keon are one of the most attractive rosters anywhere in Apex. They are incredibly talented, performing strongly in the Split 1 Pro League. Rambeau tied for first in the overall kill standings with ImperialHal. But outside the game, they are personable and drive fan interest with their antics, passion and content.

For this Sentinels Apex roster move to happen, they will have had to weigh up the value carefully. Sentinels withdrew from Fortnite, dropping Bugha in the process, because Fortnite was not financially lucrative enough.

Several other organisations, notably Team Liquid, G2 and Spacestation Gaming have all left Apex for the same reason.

Change of heart for Sentinels

It was heavily rumoured that Sentinels were going to pick up the then Spacestation Gaming roster pre-LAN back in January. Despite being officially listed as competing in official tournament documentation, that move fell through at the last second.

That SSG roster has now decided to split up entirely, which might have been a factor behind the change. It had been also rumoured that Sentinels would sit out this split, and wait to see who qualified for LAN. It appears the opportunity of picking up The Guard was too good to miss.

Keon (Photo: Joe Brady/EA)
Keon (Photo: Joe Brady/EA)

The new Sentinels Apex roster will deliver in two big ways for the organisation. In game, their consistent zone playstyle will see them in and around LAN qualification without a doubt. Out of game, they will deliver top quality content and drive engagement and support to the organisation all season long.

Rambeau in particular is a huge fan favourite player. A skit from the ALGS Playoff LAN of him painting ALGS caster Onset was one of the highlights of the tournament.

Rambeau and Onset (Photo: Joe Brady/EA)
Rambeau and Onset (Photo: Joe Brady/EA)

The Season 16 update will present challenges for the Sentinels Apex roster however. The new class system has undone their old gameplan to an extent. RKN based a lot of their macro strategies around Crypto. He used to be able to scan the next zone remotely. It seems that the Sentinels Apex roster will still use Crypto, but they will have to utilise him in a new way.

All NA roster changes

There are several other notable roster changes. As reported by in January, Dropped seems set to finally join up with OpTic officially. However his two former teammates are not staying together. Instead they have gone their separate ways. Frexs is linking up with FaZe, while Xenial has joined Oxygen Gaming. The controversial Caprah is back in Pro League playing for SZN.

There have been an unusually large amount of roster changes over the break.

Frexs is off to FaZe Clan (Photo: Joe Brady/EA)
Frexs is off to FaZe Clan (Photo: Joe Brady/EA)
  • iShiny has joined CLG.
  • Xenial has joined Oxygen Gaming.
  • RKN, Rambeau and Keon joining Sentinels.
  • Frexs and Phony are joining FaZe Clan.
  • Luxford has joined MLS.
  • Lewda and Coddy are joining Complexity.
  • Dropped is joining OpTic.
  • BulletL and Caprah are joining SZN, who are then being signed by Native Gaming.

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