A brand-new daddy joins the Apex Legends roster.

After a couple teasers and plenty of rumors floating around about Season 19’s next Legend, Respawn finally confirmed Ballistic as the next Legend to join the Apex Games. The latest Stories from the Outlands cinematic trailer introduced Ballistic alongside a tragic backstory. This time, we just narrowly avoided getting another Legend with daddy issues and instead just got the daddy.

Seasoned Fighter Ballistic

The newest Apex Legends trailer introduced some fun aspects of Ballistic’s personality, and potentially his abilities as well. However, his official abilities won’t be released until we’re closer to the release of Season 17. Electronic Art’s website describes Ballistic as “a refined older gentleman living with a beast inside”. 

"I want to break a sacred vow made to the dead to save the living."

Ballistic's most badass line from the most recent trailer

What is Ballistic's backstory?

Ballistic’s real name is August Brinkman. After the death of his parents, he grew up a billionaire orphan, which adds a nice touch of Batman to his backstory. After he grew up, Ballistic joined the Thunderdome Games, a precursor to the Apex Games. There, he became an extremely popular and reckless fighter alongside the love of his life, Sok Leng, and her brother.

Sok Leng and Ballistic had a son named Nathaniel and found success fighting together in the Thunderdome Games. However, after a bout of showboating, Ballistic got his teammate killed and pushed away his son and wife to grow old with his guilt.

This is where the backstory catches up with the most recent trailer, which shows Ballisitic’s son qualifying for the Apex Games and Ballistic doing everything he can to stop him and prevent him from going down the same violent path.

Ballistic and Eduardo Silvia in Stories from the Outlands: Encore (Image via Electronic Arts)
Ballistic and Eduardo Silvia in Stories from the Outlands: Encore (Image via Electronic Arts)

The reveal is that we will get the original Ballistic and not his son in Apex Legends. This is a fun twist from the teasers introduced in the firing range earlier this month. Those magazine covers and voice lines suggested that it would be a younger fighter taking over his father’s legacy. However, this is obviously not the case now that Ballistic held a gun to Eduardo Silvia’s head. Anyone else notice how Silvia seemed smugly okay with this turn of events?

Ballistic’s abilities

So far, Ballistic's abilities are not confirmed. However, we do know that he will be in the Assault class. This lines up with recent leaks that suggest he will be a weapon-centric Legend with an ultimate that could potentially upgrade his teammates' weapons. 

Ballistic's gun from Stories from the Outlands: Encore (Image via Electronic Arts)
Ballistic's gun from Stories from the Outlands: Encore (Image via Electronic Arts)

Hints from the Apex Legends trailer showed Ballistic’s pistol jamming an enemy’s weapon. This could tie into rumors that he will have a “smart bullet” that stuns enemies. However, trailers can be misleading when it comes to Legend ability. Looking at you, Catalyst versus Seer trailer.

When do we get to learn more about Ballistic?

The Arsenal launch trailer will premiere this Wednesday, April 26, and with it will come lots of more information on Ballistic, his abilities, and what changes are coming to Apex Legends as a whole. More information on what we know about the upcoming season can be found here!

Ballistic artwork (Image via Electronic Arts)
Ballistic artwork (Image via Electronic Arts)

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