Mutariuum have signed the roster known as YungMoneyGuild. They will be hoping the talented team will guide them into the Apex Legends playoffs.

The rising starts of the EMEA Apex Legends scene, YungMoneyGuild, have today been picked up by emerging esports org Mutariuum.

The roster comprises of team captain Elvinas “Evokje” Padegimas, Tyler “Tylerfps” Wood, and Andre “Unlucky” Türk. They are being supported by coach Marco “M4KKURO” Perrone and manager Levi “Llo_0py” Arnett. Llo_0py had great success managing the 303 Academy team.

Mutariuum land top controller talents

YungMoneyGuild are widely considered to have two of the best controller players.

TylerFPS was the MVP of the Apex Championships group stage. Unlucky showed his skills on team Clean, and then when he subbed for Zipeth on team SoloQGoats. Between Tyler and Unlucky, Mutariuum have one of the best fighting teams in the whole region.

In particular, TylerFPS has a very strong CV in Apex and has competed right at the top of the game. However, the 20 year old has struggled to find a consistent team. As a result, he has not found the consistency he has needed to push to the next level.

He will hope that in his new team, Mutariuum, with experienced managers staff and ownership he can find his long term home. If he can get back to the form that saw him take MVP of the Apex Championship group stage, Mutariuum will be a team to watch.

Team Captain Evokje: "I truly believe they can turn this into something big"

Evokje, the longest serving member of YoungMoneyGuild spoke to to reflect on the last split of Pro League and their new home.

"We qualified through the 1st Pro league qualifiers. We struggled for most of the pro league and faced relegation because we did not have a consistent 3rd for the team, but in the final week we played with Tyler and the chemistry instantly clicked for us."

TylerFPS had an instant impact for the YGM team, and he helped the team avoid relegation. If they had not secured a spot in Pro League; it is highly likely Mutariuum would've looked elsewhere for their Apex roster.

Evokje added; "Mutariuum reached out to us after split 1 to potentially pick us up as their 1st esports team, after a few conversations with them we were more than excited to play under the Mutariuum banner"

"They have supported us through issues we've had as a team and we are very fortunate to be able to work alongside such genuine people. They have a bright vision for this organisation and I truly believe they can turn this into something big.”

Mutariuum: Who are they?

Mutariuum will not be known to any esports fans, as this is their first entrance into esports. Their website hold few details. However, it appears the company is developing a play to earn game that is set to release soon. Mutariuum also told that they were expanding into apparel production.

According to the website the Mutariuum universe will be "a play-to-earn game set in a dystopian cyberpunk universe that offers a unique story where you, the community, decide the fate of Carver City and its inhabitants."

Major esports experience behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes leading the organization is CEO and Co-Founder Dean Kastomaj, who is a founder of Twire. Furthermore, Sean Mulryan who is a co-founder is heading their gaming division.

Sean has a fantastic CV that includes over 4 years as the General Manager of Rogue. Rogue are one of the biggest and most successful esports teams and Mutariuum will be delighted to have the massive experience onboard.

This experience is already showing; with Mutariuum launching their Apex team with a team manager and a coach.


In Apex esports, many teams overlook the role of a team manager and coach. Loopy, team manager, has shown he is very effective at adding value to players. His work at 303 esports and with their academy team was a great success. Loopy took 3 unknown players, and helped guide them all the way to the main roster of the org. Above all, he is dedicated to the scene and has a vast knowledge to share.

He will be hoping he can guide Mutariuums young talent to the top of the game. In addition, Mutariuum will be relying on his experience as they establish themselves in Apex.

Mutariuum roster ready for Pro League Split 2

This pickup comes weeks before the start of the Pro League split 2. Mutariuum will be hoping that their roster can qualify for the end of split playoffs, and have a chance to make the Apex Championships at the end of the season.

The biggest challenge for the roster will be establishing themselves fast enough to take on the likes of Gambit, Alliance and Scarz on a weekly basis.

With their strong controller fighters, they may hope to replicate the success of teams such as G2. The key test for the roster will come if they have some difficult weeks, can they maintain their team mentality and develop and build together? Or will they fall into the trap that many teams do, looking for rash roster changes. The success of NEW esports may give some teams the confidence that a snap roster change can deliver a good result.