Both teams were under extreme pressure today.

Moist Esports have pulled off an impossible ALGS victory, to hugely improve their chances at making the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. Two hugely inspirational victories helped them sneak past TSM by a single point.

Elsewhere, Disguised's ALGS Split 2 is over, as they failed to get the points they needed to make the Regional Finals. Their 9th placed finish saw them fall just short of an all important top 20 spot.

Moist Esports secure Regional Finals place

Moist Esports had a lot of work to do today, they have had an incredibly poor ALGS Pro League Split by their standards. They started the day in 21st overall, battling for a place in Regional Finals let alone a spot at LAN.

The odds are stacked against Moist Esports making it to the Split 2 Playoffs. They needed two fantastic weeks, and results to go their way, or a Regional Finals Match Point win.

However, it was clear to see that this roster was fired up for the challenge ahead. They made a blistering start to the day, dropping a huge 17 kill win. This came thanks to some really impressive individual 1v1 play from iiTzTimmy.

However, Moist Esports stuttered a little as the day went on, struggling on Worlds Edge in particular. This saw them slip down the leaderboard. While their Regional Finals spot was well secured, the slow reduction in their overall points was putting more and more pressure on next Sundays Regional Finals.

Not Moist played a phenomenal final game. They got on the front foot, forcing their way into a prime position in the final zone. They eliminated Cloud9 then Vanity to secure a top two finish. While they fell to LG, who went on a hot streak on Worlds Edge, to snatch top spot from TSM by a single point.

This win not only booked their Regional Finals spot, but it catapulted Moist Esports all the way into a LAN position. They now sit 10th, on 66 points, with a slim but significant eight point gap over Oblivion in 13th.

Just one point separated Moist Esports and TSM

  • Not Moist Esports - 62
  • TSM - 61
  • LG - 51
  • FURIA - 49
  • BLEED Esports - 46

Disguised fail to make Regional Finals

Another team under serious pressure in todays ALGS game was iiTzTimmy's former teammates at Disguised. They faced an even more dire situation than Moist Esports, starting the day in an almost rock-bottom joint 28th place. They had some momentum, having placed fourth yesterday. This left the door open for a spot in Regional Finals, which they must win in order to qualify for LAN. However, it was still a tall order. They needed at least 3rd overall to get into that all important top 20.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Heading into the days final game, Disguised hadn't quite done enough. They sat in sixth, 14 points behind Bleed who occupied that crucial third position.

The all important final game didn't go to plan for Disguised either, they lost Enemy early and found themselves in an incredibly tough spot on the low ground between Geyser and Lava Siphon. MPIRE sat menacingly above them.

Disguised ultimately fell, unable to recover Enemy and manoeuvre out from this impossible spot. Just four points sat between them and Tempr in 20th.

The odds were stacked against Disguised and they will be left prepare for the Esports World Cup and then the ALGS Championship. Their 220 Playoff points should be enough to book their spot.

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